Revising Literacies






Thecourse WRA 1004 has enhanced mywriting skills in various aspects. The course was simply one ofrevising, conforming, as well as translating my previous literaciesand knowledge by focusing on some problems and ideas such asinter-rationality, rhetoric, literacies and culture. This will beuseful to my future academic work, especially my future researchwork. In this case, I have learned various aspects regardingeffective writing. To start with, the two important aspects ofwriting at MichiganState University (MSU) should include are S.W.A.P and R.A.I.D.S. Inthe light of this, I have learned that R.A.I.D.S is an acronym for“Revision, Arrangement, Invention, Delivery and Style.” Inventionsimply refers to the new skills that I have learned of which I didnot know about prior to the course. Arrangement simply deals with thegeneral organizational strategies that are necessary for writingresearch work at MSU. Delivery stands for the manner in which thetyped essay should be formatted, the necessary number of pages andthe in-text citations. Style is writing style to be used includingvoice, word choice, and sentence structure. On the other hand,S.W.A.P is an acronym for “Subject, Writer, Audience, and Purpose.

Frommy first project, I learned on the formation of essay as well aswriting principles. Then, I tried to translate some Chinese text toEnglish language. This is necessary for those people who does notread or speak Chinese. After this project, I know that in order to dogreat translation I must know other people’s culture, language andbackground. Another important aspect I learned from this project isthat it is cumbersome to translate a given text word by word. This isbecause this kind of translation will result in the loss ofthe implied meaning in the original text. As a result, one cannotunderstand the translated text because of ambiguity. In addition, theproject enabled me to understand that I should know both languages inorder to translate the text effectively. This is something I wastotally unaware of before undertaking the project. Besides, I learnedskills on the components of effective writing. First, I learned thatskills on how to put paragraphs on my essay. In this case, Ieffectively organized my first project into various paragraphs.Second, I learned on how to choose an appropriate thesis statementfor the project. This thesis statement is the one that guides thereader to know about what the writer is talking about in an essay. Ingeneral, my first project prepared me enough on the subsequentprojects during the semester.

M second project required me to write about a Chinese culturalartifact and thus I decided o introduce the Chinese liquor andculture. In this case, I enquired from my friends and classmates andI learned many things regarding the Chinese liquor and culture. As aresult, I wrote about an essay on Chinese liquor and culture. Themost important as project I learned from this project is that theChinese liquor was consumed on various important occasions in China.These occasions include friends’ reunion and family reunion. Thismeans that the Chinese liquor is the necessary part of suchoccasions. Additionally, the Chinese liquor is a culture that hasbeen inherent in the country for many years. It is used in almost allaspects of the Chinese life such as art and social life, education,economic and political life. Furthermore, I learned that China isamong the earliest countries to brew liquor in the world. The liquoris brewed from grains. Contrary to the first project, my secondproject enabled me to learn skills on direct quotation. This refersto the situation in which the write is required to quote directlyfrom academic or professional sources of literature. The mostimportant aspect I learned in this case is that I should always usequotation marks when I am directly quoting from such sources ofliterature. Moreover, importantly, I leaned skills on how to write anessay about cultural artifacts.

Another important skill that I have learned from this course is onhow to use the MLA (Modern Language Association) format in myacademic essays. This is necessary for all academic research work atMichiganState University (MSU). Therefore, I learned skills on how toput in-text citations using MLA referencing style. In addition, Ialso learned on how to write the bibliography of all the sources Iuse in writing my projects. This is because failure to include thesources of literature used will amount to the so-called plagiarism.This will be necessary for all my future academic work because it hasenhanced my knowledge in research work. This means that my futureresearch work will be more professional while am in the university. Ican thus testify that my knowledge and skills in writing essays hasimproved significantly since I started this course. This is contraryto my previous knowledge and skills, which were poor. Before doingthis course, I was completely unaware of what entails effective essaywriting in collage.

Just like my second project, in the second project, me and my groupmembers made video to sensitize people on the dangers associated withtext and drunk driving. After this project, I learned on how tointerpret something. I learned that despite the numerous benefitsthat result from the increasing popularity of mobile devices, therehave some potential unintended and dangerous consequences as well. Ichose to write on this topic because of the increase in roadaccidents across the world. Thus, I learned that part of accidentsoccur because of talking and texting through mobile devices whiledriving. This is because such activities blindfold the driver andthus leading to the loss of control and consequently causingaccidents. On the other hand, I also learned that drunk driving isalso another contributing factor to the occurrence of accidents. Thisis because when the driver is driving under the influence of alcohol,he or she is more likely to cause an accident because alcohol impairsthe driver’s judgment. As a result, I learned that people shouldnot drive while under the influence of alcohol. This cansignificantly result in a significant decrease in road accidents.Furthermore, I also learned that the use of banners depicting thenegative impact of drunk driving will facilitate the drivers tounderstand the negative effects associated with drunk driving.

In general, the course was exciting because it has enabled me tolearn many skills on college writing. Therefore, my skills in collagewriting have significantly improved since I started this cause. I canclearly see distinct differences between my previous work and thepresent work. I am feeling grateful to my teachers for enhancing mywriting skills. This means that my writing skills have changed forthe better. As a result, I can demonstrate to both my teachers andparents that the course was so helpful in enhancing my writingskills. Most importantly, the course has enhanced my knowledge andskills for future academic writing. The most important skills thatwill enhance my future academic work include the essay’s formationand principles, MLA format, introducing cultural artifacts, andmaking videos on some topics.