Religion and Theology


Religionand Theology

Forthe reason that Christianity has performed a key function in thehistory of both Canada and the U.S., the writer Mark Noll writespages 9-17 and 26-82 in a way that is tracking progression ofChristianity and its side-shoots. His inclusion of Canada in thesepages exhibits the common influences and sources, both nations haveshared.What is covered has an extensive scope although possess aperspective that is well defined. The selected pages deliver anoutstanding narrative survey in relation to Christian institutions,churches and communication with culture in Canada and the UnitedStates from the colonial era to the present period. One of thenotable features on the antiquity of Christianity within theseregions, the writer has purposely made this piece a comprehensive andequilibrated volume. The pages covers the significant diversity ofexperience by Christians, though the entire history of America,thoughtfully including the accounts of many regions and groups whichshare ideas and concepts that are in conflict. It is notable to seethe sensitivity of the author, though the pages as he is allinclusive in terms of gender. To add on a personal facet to thecoverage, different writing styles and drawings enrich Noll’smultidimensional survey of major events and movements evenfurther.These particular pages have been written at an adult level,thus it is only rational to say that the piece of work is meant foran adult reader. A mature teen can also appreciate the excerpts.Although it is important that people read it through, it would bemore realistic if most families were to utilize it as an adjunct tohistory studies or even reference tool.


Noll,M.A. (1992). AHistory of Christianity in the United States and Canada.Grand Rapids, Mich: W.B. Eerdmans.