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My first semester was certainlythe most exciting, and at the same time, the most difficult period ofmy life in the University. As a student at Coventry University, Ienrolled in an accounting and finance course, doing finance,mathematics, and accounting as the subjects. Accounting subjectoffered in the university appeared to be quite hard for meconsidering that it was not offered in the foundation year.Nevertheless, I was able to study finance without difficulties as Iwas familiar with most of the concepts considering that I had studiedeconomics before. One of the most challenging things was that classinstruction only covered the basics of the course. This meant that Ihad to read the largest part of the material by myself at home. Itwas extremely difficult and challenging.

During the semester, we didvarious tests as a way of assessing what we had learnt in class. Myinitial exam was accounting, which we were required to complete usinga computer. Considering that this was my initial exam in thissubject, I was extremely anxious regarding the topic to be tested.However, the use of the accounting lab during the semestercontributed greatly in my good performance. Through it, I was able todo practice assessment prior to the real test. In addition to this, Ihad an understanding of the questions that were asked in thatassessment considering that we had covered the topic in the weekpreceding the exam. I was also nervous regarding financial accountingexam bearing in mind that we had to study all we had learntthroughout the semester. However, the use of past papers helped megreatly in understanding the type of questions asked in the subject.After studying accounting for a while, I came to understand that thesubject required a lot of reading and practicing. I did this duringmy free time after the lesson, a move that assisted me incomprehending what we had learned in class. I also understood thatdoing a lot of practice and solving the questions was the only way Icould become perfect.

Math was not difficult for meconsidering that it is one of my favorite subjects. Through practice,I was able to understand all topics covered. I also made meetingswith math support in case there were some concepts I did notcomprehend. This appeared to be extremely beneficial. During myinitial math exam, I was composed bearing in mind that I had doneenough practice which made me familiar with most concepts. Besides, Iwas assured of getting a good grade in the subject. During the secondexam, which was a coursework, we were required to use excel and makespreadsheets. This was not difficult taking into account that I hadlearnt this during my academic and professional training course.

Another subject that I enjoyedstudying was personal finance. It seemed to be quite easy as I wasfamiliar with most of the concepts. I had done economics during myhigh school and foundation years, and it was similar to personalfinance. I enjoyed all the classes as they were interesting. We weregiven a coursework during my second week at the university, which wewere required to complete in a group of two. This left me speechlessas I never imagined doing a coursework in the initial weeks thatcould account for approximately 30 percent of my overall grade. I andmy group mate did the work early enough, and we had completed it twoweeks to the deadline. My dedication helped me achieve a high gradein it.

Academic and professionaltraining was another course that I was necessitated to do during thefirst semester. The main aim of the course was to improve ourstudying skills besides assisting us turn into better learners.Through that course, I was able to learn a wide array of stuffincluding presentations skills, academic writing, as well as learningstyles. In addition to this, I became conversant with using excelspreadsheets, and this assisted me in the other courses whichrequired their employment. I was eager to learn excel considering itwas my first time. I applied it in writing essays as well asreferencing them. I also learned presentation skills and usingPowerPoint during this semester.


During the above events, Iunderstood that I had to achieve the best in my overall grade. I waseager to learn new concepts in some subjects, such as academic andprofessional training, which I could apply in other subjects takenduring the semester. Besides, we were given exams during the initialweeks of our stay at the university, something that surprised me andleft me speechless. Although some courses appeared to be difficult, Iunderstood that practice makes perfect. I did a lot of practiceespecially in the accounting subjects, used past papers, and involvedthe support staff, a move that helped me in attaining good grades.


My experience during the firstsemester was one of the most enjoyable as well as most difficulttimes. The good thing about the experience was that I knew what Iwanted to achieve in my grades. I was also eager to learn about knewconcepts which I was not familiar with and apply them where required.Besides, I found some of the subjects extremely interesting, such aspublic finance. Math was also one of my favourite subjects, so I didnot have any difficulties in it. However, the bad side of myexperience was the accounting subject which I was not familiar with.Bearing in mind that I had not done accounting before, it wasdifficult for me in the first weeks. I had to read most of thematerials at home, since just the basics were instructed in theclass. I had to do a lot of practice and revision on this subject. Iwas also nervous and worried during accounting exam because Iwondered about the kind of questions that could be tested.


From my experience in my firstsemester, it is certain that nothing is difficult when taken with apositive mind and dedication. This is evidenced by the fact thatalthough some subjects appeared to be difficult, I was able to comeup with strategies to overcome this. I did nod succumb to thechallenges I faced rather I found ways to surmount them. Thisincluded taking part in intense reading, practice and revisions.

Applicationand Planning

If this happened again, I wouldstill do what I did during that semester. I believe I did my best,and used the challenges I faced to create new opportunities whichhelped me achieve better grades. Dedicating myself in everything thatI do, doing my work on time, practicing and doing revisions to ensurethat I am conversant with all concepts, and involving the supportstaff to assist me in things I do not understand. Planning in advanceis always good. This would involve reading extensively prior to theexam and doing my coursework on time. I would also engage in groupdiscussions to help boost my understanding.


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