Reflective essay for two final drafts

Revising my three writings was crucial to developing flawless,corrected papers. This would be significant to helping me develop agreater understanding of what I had learned throughout the semesterand ensure that I have mastered skills of correcting my assignments.The corrections I will make are imperative as they will help merevise for my final exam perfectly. I started revising the firstpaper on the topic against gay marriage the second one oncapital punishment, and the research proposal annotatedbibliography by proof reading the papers. I then corrected allthe grammatical and sentence construction errors. Those correctionshelped me develop papers that were free of grammatical errors easy toread papers.

After reading through the papers, I ensured that the work was freeof plagiarism, any work used from other sources, and authors had beencited. By citing those works, it was easier for readers to understandthat my work had incorporated research and other sources thus makingthe paper more relevant and authentic. This was especially vital forthe annotated bibliography. I ensured that the format and font stylewere perfect as well as the MLA style of referencing. To achieveexcellent citation and referencing skills, I utilized onlinelibraries and books. Though we had been taught about referencing inclass, I wanted to research more and come up with accurate referencesas well as learn more on referencing journals, books, newspapers andarticles.

I realized that the papers had the right tone and the message wasflowing in paragraphs thus making the work coherent. The first partof the paper on against gay marriages introduced the topic ofwhy liberals dispute gay marriages as discussed by Susan Shell. Itdirected the readers mind to liberal and conservative views of thetwo thoughts before concluding with reasons why liberals should beagainst gay marriages. The article then has a response, which reactsto the discussion by Susan. I realized that paper response wascrucial to gauging my level of understanding on the topic especiallywhen proof reading the capital punishment paper. Through theresponse, I was able to express my thoughts and come up with my ownopinions on the topic of gay marriages. The response section was aplatform for me to express my views on marriage as not any kind ofrelationship but one between human beings that are governed bynatural law. My choice to respond to the papers enabled me to carryout self-examination on my level of understanding of the topic. Thesecond paper involved extensive research and most of the time I hadto collect library books and journals that would be useful for theresearch on the annotated bibliography. After going through thepapers, I gave the paper to my classmates and relatives for a secondopinion. They helped me rectify the mistakes I had left out.

Having the third and fourth eye go through your work is veryimportant as it helps others correct what you cannot see andgenerally achieve a well-rounded paper that has been revisedthoroughly. It was interesting how my classmates and sisters detectedsmall errors like a missing comma in the work that I had not noticedearlier. This was especially important for the second paper, whichwas a research paper. The research paper differed from the firstessay and the second one on capital punishment as simple essaypapers. For the third paper, I had to revise the research proposaland come up with an annotated bibliography. Writing an annotatedbibliography was especially tasking demanding more involvement in thelibrary to come up with credible sources and explain what the sourceswere discussing in brief.