Reflections on Work Experience

Reflectionson Work Experience

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Ihave now been working at HCT-ADWC main branch for quit sometime. HCTis a large educational institution in the UAE and the nature of theirwork is provision of education services to students throughdevelopments, encouragements of their technical and intellectualskills by creating conducive environments and programs that aid theirdevelopment. The prime objective of the institution is ensuringstudents are well prepared for the careers ahead and instilling ahigh standard of education knowledge. During my time at HCT so far Ihave learned valuable lessons on the value of work, handling tasksand their challenges, and it has provided a platform by which I havebeen able to access my acquired skills. Thus, this paper is intendedto breakdown my work experience at HCT.

TheValue of Work Experience

HCTis an educational institution and the nature of their work is toproviding educational services to students. They do this by creatingconducive environments for students to develop their technical andintellectual skills, thus, ensuring students’ skills qualificationare relevant for application in the job market. My department is theacademic service, which is also the central service mandated with theduties of finance and budgeting for the collage, the human resourcesdepartments, (IT), procurement and contracts, and student services(HTC, 2014).

Myduties at HCT academic services as assigned, I am a coordinatorwithin the academic service and the student service on the nightshift basis. My duties include communicating with all students andstaff ensuring coordination of services at the academic service. Mostof the communication happens on a face to face basis, over the phone,or using email services. However, most of the communication is faceto face since I meet with the clients directly. Telephone servicescome in handy when I have to communicate to my line manager or thestudents parents seeking leave permissions. Majority of thecommunication happens in English, since it is the universal languageand majority of the people understand it.

Thevalue of students completing work experience from a company’s pointof view is that such as student is exposed to the real world or work,her skills are sharpened and corrections and guidelines offered wherenecessary (Marianne and Derek, 2010). Thus, from a company’s pointof view such a student is ready to work with minimum supervision. Onthe other hand, from a learner’s standpoint, completing workexperience helps foster good workplace behavior and amass much needexperience, thus, they gain the much need attitude and behaviortowards work (HTC, 2014).

Tasksand Challenges

Duringmy work, I experienced a few challenges with the major one being lackof experience in the field of academic services. However, despite thelack of experience, the tasks here are much lighter and simple suchas recording students’ requests and documenting them digitally. Imeet these challenges by doing my personal best ensuring I do mypersonal best to get the job done properly. The second difficult taskI have had to perform is explaining to the new students about theregistration process and external visitors. This proved challengingsince I am not aware of the whole registration process, whichpromotes me to send them to colleagues for more information andaccurate directions. I think I should have had a point of referencefor the registration processing and other vital process beforecommencing my work.

Themost challenging aspect of work experience was how to handle timingand punctuality since I doubled as an evening student who worked inthe morning from 7am and continued a second work placement at thecollage until 6.30pm. The hours worked amounted to 11 hours and ahalf, which were too long and need further assistance. In addition,the environment carried some hazards, considering there was a beehive close to the students seating area, and they would have provedhazardous if invoked by students.


SkillsI obtained at my college course and I got to apply them include my ITskills considering my given basic equipments were a computer and aprinter. In addition, I had an opportunity to use an exclusiveprogram in assisting the students and it proved to be veryenlightening. In addition, my proficiency with Microsoft officeapplications such as word came in handy, as I had to edit forms, inthe process I also managed to master a few shortcuts that made mywork easier. The experience was also beneficial in that I learned howto run a printer and do basic maintenances such changing cartridges.

Acquiringsuccess at the place of work, I need to improve in skills relating tothe problem solving skills, being a good listener, having a will tolearn (Marianne and Derek, 2010). Therefore, as part of my furtherlearning process, I hope to press on my IT skills to keep up with theswiftly changing technologies, I also look forward to taking lessonsin foreign languages such as Mandarin and French to prepare forglobalization.


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