Reflection Paper of Theology

ReflectionPaper of Theology


Thispaper has been divided into two sections the first section is aboutthe sinful woman and how she interacted with Jesus and how she wasforgiven her sins. The second part describes the parable of Lazarusand the rich man. This part explains how Lazarus stayed at the richman’s gate and had sores that were licked by dogs. Each section hasthree sub-sections that include theological definition, biblicalfoundation and practical foundation.

Thesinful woman

Thereis one Pharisee who asked Jesus to eat with him and went in thePharisees house and took his position on the table (Szukalski, 2013).A woman from the city was malefactor learnt about Jesus being in thePharisees house, the sinful woman brought with him an lobster flaskthat had ointment and she stood behind Jesus at his feet and began toweep and started wetting Jesus’s feet tears with tears and shewiped the tears using her hair and then kissed his feet and wentahead to anoint them with anointment (Cain, 2014).

Whenthe Pharisees who invited Jesus saw what the sinful woman had donethey said that if Jesus was a true prophet then He would have knownthat the lady is a sinner. Jesus responded that “Simon I gotsomething to tell you?” Simon asked him what he wanted to tell him.Jesus went ahead to say that there was a creditor who had 2 borrowersand one had five hundred denarii and another one had fifty(Szukalski, 2013). The two debtors could not repay the loan that theyhad been given. When the two debtors could not repay the loan theywere forgiven. Jesus asked who among them will love him more. Simonresponded that it is the one who had five hundred denarii debt andJesus concurred with him. Then, Jesus turned to the sinful woman andtold Simon that he entered his house but he did not give him anythingbut the sinful woman wet his feet with tears and went ahead to wipethem using her hair and the woman had not stopped kissing his feet.Jesus went ahead to tell Simon that the sins of the woman had beenforgiven since she loved much. Those seated around the table askedthemselves who is this person that can forgive sins (MacArthur,2011).

Theteaching was extracted from Luke chapter seven verse thirty six tofifty. The chapter is about explaining the importance of kindheartedto those around you.

Someof the practical applications in this case chapter imply thatChristian need to welcome God in their lives. Some of the lessonsthat can be learnt in this case imply that Christians need to betolerant towards sinners and they should not condemn those who sinsince they do not have the mandate over that since God is the onlyone who can judge someone. Christian needs to recognize their sins sothat they can be forgiven by God.

Parableof the rich man and Lazarus

Thereexisted a rich man that clothed had purple cloth and on a daily basishe would feat sumptuously. And, on his gate there was a poor mancalled Lazarus and his body had many sores and he desired to beeating food that fell from the table of the rich man additionally,dogs would come and lick sores (Szukalski, 2013). Unfortunately, thepoor man passed on and was carried by angels to Abraham’s bosom.Also, the rich man died and was buried in Hades and he saw Lazarusand Abraham in his bosom (MacArthur, 2011). The rich man asked FatherAbraham to have mercy on him and ask Lazarus to dip tip of his fingerin water so that he could his tongue because he was in deep flame.Abraham told him that when he was alive he had good things but nevercared about Lazarus but he was now being comforted for going throughtough times when he was alive. The rich man then asked Abraham tosend to send to his father’s house since he had five brothers whohe wanted them warned (Szukalski, 2013).

Thisreading was extracted from Luke chapter sixteen, verse nineteen tothirty two.

Thepractical significance of this teaching is that Christians aresupposed to use it to glorify God and not for themselves (Szukalski,2013). According to verse money is something that is very good but itcan ruin people’s lives when it is put before anything else.Christians need to be mindful of others. Contemporary Christiansneeds to make use of the wealth to praise God (Szukalski, 2013).

Theworld has a myriad of issues that have great impact on the life onindividuals and this has a great impact on one’s faith and how hedoes his things. The course has been very helpful in improving myfaith and increased my knowledge since I have been able to undervarious aspects regarding Christianity.


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