Reflection Paper-Echoes from the Roman Ghetto

ReflectionPaper-Echoes from the Roman Ghetto

ReflectionPaper-Echoes from the Roman Ghetto

Thearticle-Echoes from the Roman Ghetto- talks about the author’sexperience travelling to Rome and his retracing on the steps of theWorld War II as well as the Nazis’ invasion of the Jewish Ghetto.The article further highlights various changes that have occurred atthe ruins of the ghetto for instance, businesses like tourism haveflourished at the site.

Localofficials have a role to play in preserving the historicalsignificance of sights such as the Jewish Ghetto and the memorial atthe Fosse Ardeatine. It is their duty to repair instead of replacingworn architectural features, preserve distinctive original features,as well as limit number of businesses at the site.

Despitethe fact that tourism has lately flourished at the ruins of the RomanGhetto it is not right for such business to take advantage of thetourist climate bearing in mind the historical events that took placeon the site. The area has become increasing lively hence, creating ahigh likelihood of forgetting the past that is associated with it. Inaddition, these businesses have led to the hiking of prices ofvarious buildings and apartments present at the site thus, manylocals can hardly afford to reside there. In fact, this has forcedmany Jewish Romans to look for alternative places to live in theyonly visit the area for matriculation, praying, eating, andcelebration.

Thelocals officials have a role in preserving the Roman Ghetto and otherhistorical sites otherwise the last survivors of the Nazi occupationwill be gone forever. They need to limit the number of businessesthat take place at the site. It is also their duty to regulate theprice of apartments present at the site this will help the JewishRomans afford and reside in this apartments.