Reflection Paper Abstract



Mostindividuals who participate in service-learning programs andcommunity service are conversant with the term &quotreflection. Infact, we are all conversant with reflection. For instance, each timewe look in the mirror. The term &quotreflection&quot runs throughour minds. In service learning, we look forward to developmentprocesses that allow the persons doing service to examine andinterpret their experiences to gain new understanding. This isnecessary in order to make cautious reflections about what theirexperiences were all about: what did they see, who they met, whythere is a need for such services in the first place, etc.

Theact of reflection, therefore, becomes the critical part of learningprogression. It serves as a link between learning and experiences.Did you know that most of what we know today about the world and ourpositions in the universe are derived from learning through ourexperiences? Ideally, we learn a lot from books and lectures. But arewe just memorize and absorb the facts and figures. The profundity ofreflection determines the, quality of the action, and the quality ofthe attitude. This reflection unit motivates us not to take theselearning opportunities for this paper we shall give anin-depth analysis of reflection about writing processes in variousrhetorical situations.

Keywords: Reflection, Learning, Experience and Development.

Project1 Reflection

Lookingback at my first writing project, it is true my writing skills haveimproved significantly. In fact, to develop the skills it takes timeand determination. While in college, I would just write and draw whennecessary, for me, writing was never my thing. After observing keenlyhow young boys in the village how they could make extra cash to paytheir bills. This marked my starting point to look ways to earn extramoney to relieve my mother from paying other bills for me. Writingskills seemed impossible to learn but it was time for to turn theimpossibility into a possibility. But much has been exposed to me, Ihave written poems, narratives, summaries and explanations, sketchesand peer responses. With the consultation of my friend Michael whowas undertaking the same project, he explained to me the requirementsrequired, I started developing my skills by drawing the pictures ofmy sister, mother and the beginning the picture were notpleasing but I observed the more I wrote the more I ideas popped intomy mind. At the back of my mind, I knew the more you practice thebetter you become, and so I kept on practicing till I was certain allwas perfect. Consequently, my writing is more personal and complete.

ProjectTwo Reflection

Thesecond project is different from the first project. To start with,the first project dwells more personal success through development ofwriting be successful, individuals need to go extra mile todevelop their skills the other hand, the secondproject focuses more on the society cultural artifact to giveinformation on technological advancement, economy and social markup.

Havingwritten a particular object in a culture, I observed that with thetechnological advancements, the world is turning to be a small spite of where one lived Individuals could shareinformation across the world using the device. The small gadget, theiPod was used to store information for future reference. Again, Inoticed that the gadget was used for entertainment.

Doingthe research in the local community was one the most difficultassignments I have ever undertaken in life. Conversely, doingresearch was time-consuming and I had no readily available resourcesat my disposal to undertake the assignment. I felt doing somethinginvolve the community culture was more complex and challenging.

Ifelt disappointed to get less peer review. In fact, the academicsdepend largely on the practice of peer review, it enables us to getan in-depth analysis and assessment of our work and apply therecommendations in undertaking the future coursework. Basically, peerreview helps to improve education, training leadership and as welldiscipline. In overall, peer review skill improves the writing ithelps writers to improve on areas of weakness.

Writingis never a simple exercise, feedback from others about the writingwork is very vital in our development. Receiving the feedback in aloud way was more of helpful than harmful. The criticism helped me towork on areas of weak point hence improving on writing and improvingas a writer. Writing a rubric before the paper was due enabling me tounderstand what was required for me to get the desired grade on theassignment. Also, the tool guided us to form discussion groups. Eachparticipant was required to give a contribution on the subjectmatter. Therefore, writing rubric is necessary because it definesquality.

Reflectionon Project Three

Completingthis project was never easy at my case, I had to choose themost suitable course to undertake in the areas where I felt to morecomfortable with. The course chosen was relevant in the market. Afterselecting a course, I pinpointed the core units to enhance anddevelop the career skills. Being fresh from high school, I knewlittle about the beginning, I had difficulties in choosingthe career dreams goals and objectives. Undertaking this project hasenabled us to learn new skills which we did not apply in the previousproject. For instance, we able to conduct the research and know whatwe necessarily need to achieve what we need in life. In-class writingis critical for the development of every writer. It enabled studentto consult each other even when there is little basis of consultationor even in the absence of the instructor. In addition, we wereacquainted with the skills necessary to remain productive andcompetitive. Approaching the assignment differently after creating arubric could enhance further the quality of the writequality assignments students should know what is expected of them.

ReflectionProject Four

Themost difficult part of this project was describing one’s love forsomebody. Besides, love is not something you can touch or see insteadis an affection somebody has for a loved one. Again, the meaning ofthe song may be misinterpreted. The meaning of the song may representsomething else other than love. Again, it is difficult to concludethat the person love the girl when he has no courage to reveal thefeelings to the girl in question. This project brought me intocontact to new writing skills of singing, listening and speaking. Itwas motivating to hear my own voice recorded and played back to me. Ifelt the audience appreciated my songs. Ultimately, I was veryexcited to hear somebody saying this project we learned howto pass information using songs. This skill was not learned in theprevious assignments. In addition, undertaking this project enabledme to develop my personal skills as a writer. Because new skills wereintegrated to ensure quality writing is achieved among the students.


Inconclusion, the bottom line of this paper is to give an introductionto the process of writing to advocate reflection. Fellow students andI, each new day, we face proficiencies that can teach us to reflectin our future writing skills practice. Course research is short inrelation to career practice therefore, educators should installreflective qualities which grow and mature fast. Various methods ofassigning and grading journal writing were presented in this article.As with any teaching technique, there is no wrong or right way toapproach essay writing.

Asthe learners grow in self-confidence and gain trust in theinstructor, they begin to reflect and write about their actualconcerns. This results to obtaining useful feedback to empower ourfuture certified writers to overcome those real-life concerns.Reflection is the objective, as everyone is rewarded the learner, thepatient, the manager, and the teacher. Reflection empowers thelearners to do a quality work. It’s the objective of theinstructors to ensure all students give thought to their actions andperform their duties with the greatest skill, confidence andknowledge in their assignments in the best manner. Reflection on pastmistakes and experiences is the surest way individuals will have tolearn new skills.