Reflection Paper





Mostpeople love adventure and like to visit new places every time theyget the opportunity. People who come to visit America get a chance toexplore the country and its cities. Life is sometimes boring and thebest way to make it attractive is having fun through exploring thedifferent parts of the world. Most people prefer travelling by roadbecause it is more adventurers. One can drive for long hours only tofind himself in another big city in America. To explore America, oneshould be a traveler not a tourist. It is because a tourist visitsonly the familiar places and documents the pictures as prove whilethe traveler is a person with a desire to explore other cultures andavoids the favorite spots.


Whenpeople visit America, they discover a lot about themselves as well asthe people in the United States. The thing I learned about myself isthat I can make plenty enough friends with strangers. The U.S is anenormous country with a variety of landscape. I made friends withstrangers every place I visited who eventually became my lifelongfriends. I also learned that my personal abilities extend far beyondwhat I think. I was confident and courageous all through myadventure. I was at times pushed to my emotional, physical and mentallimits, but I learned how to react when under unfamiliar situations.In addition, I discovered that am very confident. After successfullycompleting the United States adventure, I realized that I hadaccomplished so much, and this could have been impossible in theabsence of personal confidence.

Moreover,I learned that other people are innately good. I came across peoplewho are kind as well as rude and inhospitable. The world is not whatsome think it is, rather it is full of excellent people who arefriendly and warmth hearted. Interacting with people from variouscountries has allowed travelers to learn things that help them intheir life. A journey to United States changed the way I think andlook at things. In addition, I learned that people in the UnitedStates are more resourceful that I thought. I was astonished at howwilling the strangers were to help me. I was assisted several timeswith details of active venture that has helped me enrich my life.


Asa future hospitality business leader, the knowledge of the travelerand personal lessons will be of great help in running my business.First travelling experience has helped me have a network of newcontacts. I have business contacts from various remarkable persons inthe United States whom I believe will help me down the line of mycompany. These networks are of great assistance when I decide to movelaterally. In addition, the contacts will help me connect with thebest and right people. The second importance of travelling is that ithas given me a chance to research. Most of the people turn down jobopportunities in certain areas just because they are not sure if theywill be happy there. I have been to different cities and nationsacross the globe. In the case, such opportunities arise I haveconfidence that I will handle them because of my experience. Theknowledge of the traveler has enabled me researched in the criticalareas where I can locate my business.


Travellingis important, and no one should view it as a waste of resources.Research has shown that most of the prominent entrepreneurs lovetravelling. It is because they like to research more so that theirbusinesses can succeed with the experience and knowledge gathered. Itis clear that visiting broadens a person`s thinking and how theyaddress situations. People with a vast knowledge believe that theysee things different from those who hate adventure. Apart from havingan experience, I always outline the reasons for my travelling and thedestinations. It helps hasten my excursion. The other important thingis that the traveler should tailor his or her trip in order to fit.The individual should be able to differentiate between a tourist anda traveler. A tourist visits only the familiar place and documentsthe pictures as prove. On the other hand, the traveler is a personwith a desire to explore other cultures and avoids the favorite spotsin order to gain something new unknown to others.