Reflection Paper



Iused to hate theatre. Everything about it seemed difficult. When Iwas much younger, I remember one time being asked to recite a poem infront of my classmates, only to go blank. I had forgotten everythingthat I had been taught in the last few weeks. The whole class brokeinto laughter while I ran out of the classroom crying. Since then,shyness and lack of self-esteem haunted me for many years after.Fast forward 15 years later and theatre is in my blood. I havereceived many trophies and awards for my outstanding performances inthe theater. What changed? The answer is that I changed my attitudetowards theatre in a positive way and enrolled in a collage that isdedicated to encouraging its students to gain confidence andself-esteem through theater.

Onething I have learned that goes hand in hand with executing goodtheatre is confidence. Confidence allows you to stand firmly on yourground and present your points across freely. As a way of practicingconfidence, our theater teacher Mr. Ted encouraged us to perform in apresence of our friends and parents.

Myfirst performance I did was from a play in the English literaturebook, which I performed well. Why I think I performed well is becauseit was my first time to perform in a theatre room full of students,teachers and parents. Although I received a low grade from myteacher, the performance gave me moral to work even harder in future.

WhenI received notification that I am on the list to participate in thesecond play, I was very excited and could not wait. I kept tellingmyself that this performance would be the best one the college hasever seen. The rehearsals for the play were time consuming andsometimes very tiring going on until dark hours. I was verydisappointed with the grade after the play which was a C. This didnot discourage me though.

Mythird play was not as disappointing. I gave my very best and managedto score a B grade. Although I forgot some lines here and there, myplay part was consistent. Mr. Ted reminded us to avoid forgettinglines, we should draft scripts and keep memorizing from time to time.This has helped us a lot, even as to come with new ideas that wouldspice up the play.

Inmy final play in representing my class, I know I will doexceptionally well and improve my grades due to the amount of timeand experience I have gained through theater. Apart from just readingand performing what has been scripted, I have learned to spice up theplay by adding comics to keep spectators entertained and asking formore. In addition, choosing a character in the play that I relate toin many ways brings him out in a realistic way. Everyone has had somedifficulties sometime in their lives and I am sure they will alsorelate to this character. It has taken me some time to pronounce somewords well, but with a lot of practice, all will be is perfect.

Mr.Ted has really dedicated most of his time and efforts to making surethat students learn and gain confidence through theater. I havelearned so much from him that I will always remember him whenperforming plays. The class of theater has improved my self-esteemand now I have a lot of confidence whenever I am in front of peopleunlike when I was young.