Reflection on Personal Skills Development Problems Facing UK Universities Today

Reflectionon Personal Skills Development: Problems Facing UK Universities Today

ProblemsFacing UK Universities Today


Ondealing with the problems facing universities in UK, I realize thatthe main challenges include the high cost of tuition fee, researchfee, large number of students’ enrollment, and the schooladministrators taking university education as education for theelites. I chose to research on the most challenging issues all thestudents encounter in all the universities worldwide before tacklingthe same issues in UK. I came to the realization that there could besome possible remedies to the mentioned challenges. Having gonethrough the problems and solutions to these problems experienced atuniversities in UK, I witnessed that the consequences of implementingthe solutions would be of great help to the state as well as all theindividuals at the university. As an outcome, reducing the number ofstudents enrollment to the university enable the lectures to givefull attention to the present students. It is crucial to realize thatsuch an outcome is achievable through implementation (Gibbs, &ampGreat Britain, 1988).


Learningof the high cost of students’ fee, I felt some pity to the otherstudents who cannot afford the costly amount of school fees. Before,I thought that higher learning is accessible to all students notuntil I learned the cost of education. As I experienced the problemsaffecting the university, I became sentimental towards the studentsyet I could not help all at once. The most confusing part is how thelecturers can make assumptions that the higher education is for theelites without considering issues such as personality differences.Interestingly, most students show high hopes of pursuing theircourses without keen concentration on their problems. I felt somepity to the students who may not afford to pay their fee because fora fact, I know that people have different level of economic status.Thinking about the challenges in university, I doubted if the idea ofconducting debate to discuss the challenges would aid to solve theproblem (Pitton, 2010).


Conductinga debate to discuss the challenges of universities in UK appeared tobe most appropriate way of handling the issue. However, implementingthe proposed solutions became a hard task to accomplish because noteverybody is willing to adjust to the new reforms. Reaching thesolutions is hard making the whole experience incomplete. Thechallenges faced in university require some time to get solutionsthis is due to the problem of people being rigid to embrace changes.I noticed that I could not stand the long period to witness theimpactour debate will have in solving the common issues at mostuniversities in UK. My eagerness to witness abrupt change is apersonal weakness that, I believe it affects most of the people. Myweakness represents the high percentage of other people outside theworldwide who also want to witness a change within a fortnightsomething so impossible to achieve. Conversely, it is interesting tolearn how some other people are pushing for solutions to the problemsof higher learning the same way I wish it happened. Pushing for theproposed solutions to be implemented is my personal strength thatmotivates me. With many challenges on the ground, it is hard to getall the mentioned challenges solved in each higher learninginstitution. The whole experience of trying to come up with solutionshas changed my way of thinking. To my recognition, not all thethoughts one acquires can be right (Williams, Woolliams &amp Spiro,2012).


Theexperience I got in comparing the challenges and possible solutionsincluding the outcomes in all the higher learning institutions wasdifferent. The difference is experienced from the way I have beendealing with other personal issues. Conducting a debate became aneffective way of solving a problem however the solutions proposedare not achievable within the environment where people do not embracereforms. The debate happened to make sense because it is an openforum for people to speak out. A discussion on the reduction of thetuition and research fee made the experience is of great significanceto the people as well as to the government. Getting comments fromdifferent groups supporting the reviewing of the cost of highereducation became the basis for me to push for the possible changes(Hirsch &amp Weber, 1999). The opinion of the other people proves tobe similar to my suggestion of having the university fee reduced.During the whole experience, some challenges seemed to beoutstanding. Critical thinking is most crucial in handling thechallenges encountered during the experience. The consequences ofimplementing the proposed solution were meant to be advantageous tothe needy students who cannot access higher education. The reason forfailing to see the outcome is that every change should be pilotedbefore implementing it. With this experience of finding thechallenges and its solutions of higher institution, build my thinkingability, enabling me to reflect, react, and interpret any issue Iencounter. The contribution has remained to be beneficial my personalskills. If all the administrators in all the learning institutionembrace reforms, the common challenges that might be encountered arelikely to be solved. Involving people in such an experience enabledme to think broadly, as I acquired some ideas from these people(Hirsch, &amp Weber, 1999).


Involvingthe school administrators would be the most appropriate way to makethem see the relevance of a change in the university. It would bebetter if I involved many students participated to make theexperience more relevant to their administrators and the lecturers aswell. The rigidity of most people in power stopped from achieving thegoals I had set. The people in power act as an obstruction to makingany change because they always want to remain as the monopolists. Ilearned that I could influence people towards a change within thesociety. The only problem I experience is weak nature of acting inwithout thinking critically or engaging other people. To myknowledge, I noticed that the experience was one good step towardsrealizing my abilities in different dimensions of life. I learnedthat for a change to be achievable, it is important to involve thepeople who are affected by the issue on the ground. Writingsuch an essay helped me improve my personal skill such as readingwhere I read many texts while researching. Writing has made meimprove in being creative. Engaging in writing improved my way ofcommunication and enabled me gain courage towards self-expression. Assuch, I gained better research skills that enabled me to work on theproblems facing universities in UK.


Itis crucial to introduce a seminar to people affected by any issue inthe ground. As such, the seminar will make them see the sense of thereforms to be made. The second necessary step is researching more onthe challenges at universities in UK. Further research willfacilitate the presentation of facts to the public rather than theopinions. The participants at the seminar must be picked randomly toavoid unfairness. Critical assessment should be implored on thechallenges facing university, which will make the entire experiencebe successful (Assenmacher, 2011).


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