Reflection of Personal Skills Based on Gibbs Plan

Reflectionof Personal Skills Based on Gibbs Plan


Reflectionof Personal Skills Based on Gibbs Plan

The followingcontains a personal reflection paper based on Gibbs model. The paperwill offer a reflection on my personal experience during thecompletion of a project on challenges facing UK universities.The brief will reflects on the description of the project, feelings,lessons learnt, and a course of plan to take.


In the recentassignment, I engaged constructively in evaluating the challengesfacing Universities in UK. As such, the course materials and modulesacted as points of reference and platform for critical thinking,progress, self-insight, and edification.. The recent assignment i.e.on problems facing Universities in UK allowed me to develop reasoningabilities in order to attain tutelage literatures suitable to theattainment of an exclusive analysis. In this regards, the assignmentallowed me to develop results as well as understand the strengthsthat I can use to succeed in most assignments.

Analysis for thereflective paper

The modules usedin the class have permitted me to construe a strong plan to help indeveloping remarkably throughout the course. As such, the assessmentof my experience demonstrates that the project instilled a sense ofidentity and apprenticeship in me thus, the Gibbs model will allowan effective demonstration of all the attributes that arose duringthe experience.


Most assignmentsusually cause one to become apprehensive about his/her ability toattain good results (De Grez, Valcke, &amp Roozen, 2009). In mycase, I did not find the assignment easy or absorbing since I thoughtI did not have the ability to gather enough resources for theassignment. I had completed numerous assignments prior to this one,but tight deadlines and inability to source comprehensive resourcesmeant that I had failed to offer comprehensive analysis. However,several issues I had learned in class about engaging oneself inassignments prior to the assignment allowed me to feel committed to acritical discourse thus, I felt delighted. The assignment wasinspirational and valuable as it involved issues that I haveencountered or I continue to encounter as well as I had developed aplan to complete all assignments. In addition, I felt motivatedconsidering several lectures had involved procrastination andengagements in undertaking class assignments. I feel that thestrategy I took in completing the assignment allowed my earlierapprehension to diminish and a feeling of contentment developing.


Of all theassignments I had completed, this specific assignment gave me analternative to advance my self-insight, apprenticeship, cognitivecapabilities, and identities. The assignment implanted a logic ofapprenticeship and self-insight so great to the demands of my coursehence, I managed to engage in positive approaches throughout theassignment. Smith (2011) and De Grez et al. (2009) contend thatself-insight and the recognition that a positive attitude cantransform negative phenomenons help people strive for success. Assuch, the assignment on challenges facing UK Universities permittedme to advance my education and self-insight hence, I discovered newfacets about my identity and strengths. In fact, it eased thedevelopment of reasoning capacities, research capacities as well asthe realization that I can become meticulous person if I have apositive attitude.

The approach Iutilized during the assignment and the interactions I cultivatedamong people allowed me to realize that I have vast abilities toundertake researchers on my own, submit projects well beforedeadlines, obtain acceptable results, obligate to aspects that ensureenhancement of relational skills and interdependence as well asinvolve in multidisciplinary attributes. Overall, the project alteredmy notion and reasoning on success in addition to instilling a senseof dominion, personal development, and self-insight.


Smith (2011)maintains that self-insight and an effective reasoning capacitygrounded on a positive attitude signify inevitable senses of success.As such, positive arrangements and deeds in any project mean that Ican develop numerous traits that relate to a current undertaking. Theproject instilled numerous methodologies and behaviors that I shouldalways cultivate in conducting studies or relating in academicundertakings. In fact, Morris (2013) contends that people should usean appropriate and intensely comprehensible body of research as wellas engaging constructively in developing meaning from the body ofresearch. As such, I should have made the assignment moreconstructive and effective by employing diverse texts and theoriesand developing a comparison/contrast piece within the assignment. Onthe other hand, throughout the assignment, I engaged moreconstructively than in previous assignments hence, theaccomplishment of a more satisfactory paper than the ones I hadcompleted earlier. Reflecting on the experience I gained during theassignment has also allowed me to remain occupied to attaining asuitable grade and ensuring that I continue to develop a positiveattitude.


Attitudes peopleadvance define their victory roadmap regardless of the dynamisms theymay put in extricating their minds. In previous assignments, Ideveloped an ineffective attitude to all the attributes of theprojects, which means that I remained apprehensive of my success inall the assignments. However, the development of a positive attitudeduring this assignment helped me to develop some of the successpersonalities that I lacked. The project instilled a sense of abilityand self-insight, but I think I have not yet established strongpersonalities and self-insight that can permit the accomplishment ofwhat I yearn in life

Action plan

The completionof the project created a chance for me to reflect on what I did ormissed during the assignment. As such, I constructed a robustapproach, which I will apply in future projects. In this regards, Iwill create a timeline through which I will undertake to improve mystrengths and work on my weaknesses. Indeed, I will undertakeadditional readings, involve in debate opportunities and boards toimprove my relational abilities and nurture a robustmultidisciplinary phenomenon. My priorities such as attainingexcellent results, finishing tasks before targets, improving myconstructive attitudes and personalities as well as attaining mydesires in a year form part of the strategy.


The plan hasdemonstrated that reflecting on a personal experience is asignificant aspect as it allows one to note his/her strengths.Furthermore, one realizes a course of plan to follow in futureprojects as well as the attainment scope that would work.


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