Reconstruction Period Number




Inthe history of the United States, the reconstruction period refers tothe period after the civil war, which was mean to rebuild thecountry. The period was a time of endless questions, and great pain.To the black people in the country, the period was a mixture of goodand bad experiences, as it was marked with gains, losses, andopportunities to the black people (Carden&amp Coyne, 2013).

Opportunitiesexperienced by the blacks during the reconstruction period ((Carden&amp Coyne, 2013))

  • The reconstruction period brought along opportunities for the blacks as it marked the end of sale trade

  • The period also marked opportunities for the Africans to be involved in the country’s leadership

  • The blacks attained massive opportunities to access form education, which was initially for the whites.

Gains(Carden&amp Coyne, 2013)

  • By the end of slave trade, the black Americans managed to be recognized as American citizens. They gained freedom, through the recognition of the black American rights.

  • Secondly, the blacks gained a voice in the government for the first time throughout the American history

  • The reconstruction period brought along expansion of the economy in both the south and the northern regions. This was a gain as it allowed the black Americans to establish themselves after the abolishment of the slave trade.

  • Many schools and universities were founded after the era.

Losses(Carden&amp Coyne, 2013)

  • There were killing of freed black men as there was attempts to recapture slaves

  • Even after the period, the blacks experienced blackcodes, as their freedom was under certain restrictions

  • Despite the gaining of freedom and the making of the 14th amendments, the African American rights were taken away, in addition to killing of blacks, immigrants as well as the whites who defended the black Americans.

Despiteits numerous gains, and losses, the period was an important in themaking of the United States. The making of the 13th,14thand 15thamendments was a key aspect in the country. Moreover, the end ofslave trade was a gain to the country as it created a conduciveenvironment to its current state.


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