Recidivism Recidivism



Discusswhether or not you feel prison programs are effective in preventingrecidivism

Mostprisons incorporate various programs that include work, education,and recreation. These programs are effective in preventingrecidivism. Recidivism refers to an individual’s relapse intocriminal behavior this often occurs after such an individualreceives sanctions or undergoes intervention for a previous crime(Schmalleger &amp Smykla, 2015). In criminal justice settingsrecidivism is often measured by criminal acts, which lead torearrest, reconvinction, or return to prison. According toSchmalleger et al (2015), prison inmates who receive generaleducation as well as vocational training have a less likelihood ofgoing back to prison also they have a high a higher possibility offinding employment as compared to their peers who fail to receivesuch opportunities. Schmalleger et al (2015) findings furtherindicate that ex-inmates that obtain employment after release fromoffice have lower rates of recidivism as compared to their joblesscounterparts. It is therefore of immense significance that inmates betrained and provide them with necessary tools that can help them beproductive and successful in the society.

Doyou think inmates should be eligible for Pell Grants? Why, or whynot?

Inmatesshould be eligible for Pell grants in order to give them the chanceto complete as much education as possible. The society benefits in anenormous manner when prisoners become educated the society becomemore stable safer, and richer. Withdraw of these grants lead toreductions of therapy and education programs in most prisons. This,in turn, has increased average recidivism rates among prisoners inthe United States of America (Schmalleger et al., 2015). This is aclear indication that making the grant eligible to prisoners-studentswill help them return to the edifying experience of collegeclassrooms and improve their living conditions after release fromprisons.


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