Reasons for Failing Previous Semester

Reasonsfor Failing Previous Semester

Iam feeling remorseful and disappointed with the low GPA grade Iscored last year. However, I already know the reasons thatcontributed to my poor performance. I have sought assistance ofrelevant individuals such as my parents, friends, and students’counselor to ensure the mistake will never recur.


Myparents and I have a close relationship. Unfortunately, last semesterthey had a turbulent relationship such that they decided to divorce.I dedicated a lot of time to mediating my parents on expense oflearning, thus the reason I scored poorly. Second, I was indecisivewhen choosing my major subjects. This was my first Semester atMichigan State University, and the courses I chose were not relatedto my major course – finance. Third, I experienced serious timemanagement, test taking and study skills challenges. I discovered Ihad these challenges one month to the exams so I could not recoverthe entire lost time. Finally, I was not informed about the resourcesI could use to improve my academic experience at MSU.


Ibelieve I am prepared to excel at MSU because my parents’ issue isnow settled permanently, so it will have no adverse effects on myacademics in the future.I am also expecting my performance to improve drastically as I willchoose subjects related to finance course next semester.Myfinal grade was weak, but I began working hard and managing my timeefficiently to avoid failing the exams in the future. I am preparedto continue with the good academic habits if the university gives meanother chance. I have taken online classes that I believe areessential for equipping me with efficient skills I need to achieveexcellent performance in the next semester. Furthermore, I am fullyoriented to the institution now, and have made several friends I havelearned a variety of valuable resources that I can use to improve myacademic program such as office hours, MSU international help and TA.The Chinese schools significantly differ from the USA academicinstitutions hence, I found the new education system very different.Presently, I am fully informed about the places I can seek assistancefor addressing all my academic challenges.

Insummary, I am fully prepared to achieve excellent performance nextsemester. Please grant me another opportunity to prove my capability.I am afraid that since my parents are getting divorced, none of themwould want to pay my tuition money if I defer my academic program. Itis very expensive for Chinese families to live in the United Statesso both of them might prefer to return to our home country. On theother hand, I am young and eighteen years old. I do not want a badgrade in one semester to affect lifetime negatively. If I defer mystudies, I might have to work and earn the tuition money by myself.Unfortunately, I lack the experience and necessities for assisting mesecure a well-remunerating job to sustain me at Michigan StateUniversity. This means I might lose a chance of ever completingcollege, which would be bad for my future career path. Please allowme one more semester to prove that I am a capable student who justlacked adequate information and networking to achieve full potential.