Raj Biswas

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10thDecember, 2014

ReflectiveAnalysis of my Writing skills and Process

Writingskills are essential for the improvement of student communication inthe classroom. When students improve their writing skills, theydevelop the capacity to articulate their ideas and thoughts on agiven topic clearly. Throughout the course, I have demonstratedtremendous development in my writing skills, and this has contributedto well written essays and research papers. The course itself wasalso properly designed to help me progressively learn and applywriting skills. Starting from recap of grammar skills, to applyingcritical thinking and reasoning without using references and finallyto using external resources in a research paper has been anenlightening experience. During this course I have shown improvementin my writing skills by not only leaning how college level essaysneed to be structured and written with proper academic tone but alsohow their thesis statements needs to be articulated along with theability to credit others for their work.

Learninghow to draft a clear, concise and thought provoking main idea for apaper or persuasive essay in one sentence has been a skill that washard to master. While I was preparing the outline worksheet for thefirst paper, my initial draft lacked a strong thesis statement ofwhat the paper will entail. The thesis statement read, “samesex marriages should be allowed not only because the modernscientific era disproves it as an inborn trait but also since ourgovernment should supports constitutional equality and doeseverything in its power to eradicate any social stereotypes.” After understanding that a thesis statement is not merely a statementof fact or opinion, I decided to include a few transition words tobolster my position on the topic. My final draft stated “Righteouslyso, same sex marriages should be allowed not only because the modernscientific era disproves it as an inborn trait but also since ourgovernment should support constitutional equality and do everythingin its power to eradicate any social stereotypes,” whichstrengthened my position on the topic and set the proper tone. In thethird paper, I also improved my articulation skills of paragraphtopic sentences. In the first draft, the ideas in each paragraph werenot structured properly and lacked supporting evidence from researchsources. However, in the final paper each paragraph revolved around aspecific topic before transitioning on to the next thus enhancing theflow in the paper.

Myability to write a complex college level essay with a proper academictone and structure is another area where my writing skills haveundergone improvement. When I wrote the first paper, my choice ofwords was a proof of my lackluster writing skills. However, withtime, I have improved significantly as can be referenced in mywriting skills. With the help of online dictionary I have learned toreplace most commonly used words with their synonyms, giving thepaper a complex and proper academic tone. For example, in paper 3, Imade great improvements in my final draft, compared to the first, bynot only following all comments made by the instructor but alsocarefully proof reading each sentence while keeping a close eye onsentence structure such as run-ons, parallelism and fragmentation. Inaddition in the first draft of paper 1, this was my first sentence inthe third paragraph “The government should uphold constitutionalequality in recognizing the natural identity of everyone regardlessof sexual preferences.” However, this sentence was shorter in thefinal draft and it read “The custodians of law and constitutionemphasize equality.”

Inthis course, I have learned the proper way to credit authors on theirwork while using specific segments in my paper. In my first draft ofthe research paper, I made an error by not citing the quoted authorproperly. However, after sending my draft to Smarthinking andfollowing the teacher’s instruction, I was able to use propertransition words for all my inline quotes. Moreover, I have learnedto use proper in text citations with appropriate page numbers andheading required for MLA format. I am also capable of paraphrasingthe ideas of other authors while using my own words. This, coupledwith proper referencing, has enabled me to avoid cases of plagiarismin my papers.

Despiteseveral strengths in my writing skills, my abilities are not devoidof weaknesses. One of my weaknesses is not using the appropriatepunctuations. Some of my papers are not properly structured and I maymiss out some crucial sub-headings that ought to be included in thepaper. The structure of my papers is also affected by the transitionfrom one paragraph to the next. While there should be propertransition of ideas in the paragraphs, there are times my papers haveoverlapping ideas. For example, in the first draft of paper 2, someof the paragraphs discussed two different ideas while they ought tohave discussed a single idea only. I need to improve in this area inorder to ensure that I gain perfection in my writing skills.

Inconclusion, my writing process has improved significantly with time.I have learnt how to incorporate a thesis statement in every paper Iwrite, as well as use the proper academic tone and acknowledge thesource of my information. I came to learn how to strengthen my topicby using transition words to make a thesis statement appear stronger.The use the correct page numbers and appropriate headings in MLA isanother area where I have shown significant improvement. Based on theimprovements I have made and the weaknesses in my work, I supposethere are some aspects I still need to learn in order to becomeperfect in my work.