Proposal in the Workplace


Proposalin the Workplace

Transportationin Boston has been experiencing congestion problems. The congestionis perceived to be an increasing problem in the region this has beenindicated by reports from the INRIX data providers, which indicatethat Boston has been considered the city that had the biggestcongestion increase in the United States, in 2013. The Boston metroregion became ranked number nine by congestion out of the firstcongested top 100 metro areas in the United States. The aim of thispaper is to discuss the congestion problem in Boston City resultingfrom the closure of the Northern Avenue Bridge and propose a solutionthat can be used in curbing the congestion resulting from the closureof the bridge. Besides, steps, objections, and procedures in

Oneof the key reasons for choosing this topic is because the use of theNorthern Avenue Bridge has been of benefit to the pedestrians andhelped in reducing congestion. The pedestrians were capable of usingthe bridge in connecting to the South Boston, which was critical tothe livelihood of most residents and to the economy in general.Through covering this topic, the government can use the proposal ingenerating policies that can help residents curb the problem in thearea. This would be a key consideration because it will helpresidents in having an alternative bridge that they can use.


Theclosure of the Northern Avenue has an impact to the economy andcongestion in the Boston City because most pedestrians that used thebridge have been affected because they can no longer use the bridge.Besides, before the bridge became closed for the pedestrians, it hadearlier been closed for vehicle traffic in 1999.


Buildinga new bridge close to the Northern Avenue Bridge that can be used byvehicles as well as pedestrians will be critical in providing anopportunity for the pedestrians to continue with their livelihoods asthey connect to the South Boston and other adjacent areas. Besides,it will provide an opportunity for alleviating congestion in theBoston City because some of the vehicles will also use the bridge inconnecting to the region. Therefore, the construction of a new bridgeadjacent to the old Northern Avenue Bridge would provide a solutionto the problem faced by pedestrians in connecting to the South Bostonand other areas at the moment.


  1. The initial step in building up the new bridge will involve the acceptance of the proposal by the local government. Prior to building the new bridge, the local government has to establish whether the earlier bridge had a reasonable contribution in order to assess the contributions projected from the construction of a new bridge adjacent to the old one.

  2. Upon acceptance of the proposal by the local government, there will be a feasibility study conducted in the area in order to establish whether the new bridge can be constructed near the old Northern Avenue Bridge.

  3. In case the feasibility proposes that everything including the site is proper for the construction of the new bridge, then the local government will consider funding the proposal of constructing the new bridge and search for other funders in case it cannot be capable of fully funding the proposal.

  4. The last step would be the construction of the new bridge.


Akey challenge that can lead to the objection of the proposal entailslack of funds in the construction of the new bridge in the area. Thegovernment may feel that it does not have enough resources to caterfor the completion of the new bridge because building it would meanchucking a lot of resources because every stage of the constructionwould require sufficient funding. Besides, the proposal may beobjected due to lack of financiers. The government may be willing totake the proposal, but due to lack of financiers, the proposal maybecome objected. In addition, another reason for the objection of theproposal would be barring by construction engineers.

Proceduresin Pursuing the Research

1.Enough surveys would be carried out in order to establish whether theold bridge was really beneficial with this data, it will be easy toconvince the authorities to accept the proposal

2.Data from the engineers on the suitability of the site for theconstruction of the new bridge would also be collected in order toknow the condition of the site

3.Consultations would be done in order to establish the estimated costof building the new bridge


Itwill be worth building a new bridge adjacent to the old NorthernAvenue Bridge since it will help in the proper running of themaritime operations and help in resolving the problems presentlyexperienced by pedestrians. Besides, building the new bridge willalso be a critical element in alleviating partly the congestionproblem in Boston City since the new bridge would accommodate somevehicles, which would help in opening up the roads.