Police Supervisor


Complaints against the police conduct are filed in two category 1 orII in accordance with the severity or type of complaint. Category IIcomplaints normally are less severe, if not solved immediately by thesupervisor, they are assigned an investigator. The complaint incategory II is assigned as appropriate, when determining if there isa possibility of the criminal violation involvement, then thecriminal investigation is carried out by an outside agency. Thepolice chief reviews all the complaint.&nbspComplaints in thiscategory are usually of a minor nature, and the consequences to theinvolved police would be minor corrective action. Examples ofcategory II complaint&nbsp

· Improper procedure&nbsp

· Rude conduct&nbsp

· Inadequate services&nbsp

· Improper use of language&nbsp

When investigation is being conducted the officer involved isrequested not to discuss the issue with his colleagues. The reasonfor this is to prevent influencing their perception since it islikely they might be witnesses to the case.&nbspWhen conducting aninvestigation the assigned investigator in category II contacts thecomplainant with an aim of scheduling an interview. A support personwho is uninvolved is allowed to accompany the complainant during theinterview (Whisenand, 2011). The investigator gathers informationfrom the following places` police department records, the involvedpolice officer and interviewing the complainant. Before a conclusionor final decision is reached the internal unit, and the investigatorsupervisor thoroughly review the case. The entire process takes placein duration of 45 – 60 days, and the complainants are informed ofthe findings.&nbsp

Appropriate response to the complaint filed against police officersmisconduct is necessary for preserving public confidence and policedepartment integrity. Thus, the mission statement could read likethis: Our mission is toprotect, offer honestleadership and showintegrity in our workin order to earnpublic confidence.&nbsp


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