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10thJanuary 2015


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Re:Applicationfor a Scholarship

Inreference to the ad which appeared in (Insertthe place of occurrence),I am applying for a scholarship consideration to enable me pursue anursing major degree at your university.

Ihave a bachelor degree in computer science and engineering awarded by(Insertthe name of the University),China. My main motivation of transferring to a nursing major degreein the United States is based on the premise that, majority ofAmerican- Chinese residents, 79% to be exact, do not have theability to effectively communicate in English (Ryan,2013).As a result, this portion of the population is unable to acquirequality health care, thus affecting their lives.

Mysuccess in the field of nursing as well as the ability to interactwith people can be ascertained by the fact that, for the last twosemesters, I obtained 4.0 GPA, and have been nominated in theNational Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi atMississippi University for women, and an active Member of MississippiChinese association. Going forward, I am going to pursue a nursepractitioner course in next year, and plan to open my own practice inthe future to best service in Asian community.

Basedon the above, I strongly believe I am the best candidate for thisscholarship, as I will be able combine the new technology and healthcare together with my bilingual ability, to help the needy people inthe society.





Ryan,C. (2013). LanguageUse in the United States: 2011.U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration.Accessed on 10 January 2015 from,