Blackdeath was one of the most lethal plague experienced by the Westernworld.Most of the documents collected show the details of the causeand the effects of the black death. This is divided into three partssocial, political and religious. Historians pass the message vividlyas to how the plague started and how it affected the people in thewestern region of Europe. In the medieval period, stories are told ineach and every class in the society and each has different versions.

Thiswas a wide-reaching event which impacted every aspect of life and itcut through the social line in communities (Shona, 2003). This plaguewas brought in, or it is believed that it was from animals. It wasepizootic and originated in central Asia whereby, the rats brought itin Europe through the fleas that they carried. This was through theships that travelled in various continents. Understanding of thedisease was different through the different cultural and socialbackgrounds in Europe. There were different stories each indicatingthat the people did not actually know what caused the plague or itswidespread effect. Mostly people said it was caused by fleas, but theadministrative structures at that time seemed to differ and a lot oflaws were set up to curb and prevent the plague from spreading. Thegovernments set up various laws on how people who were in closecontact with animals and carcasses would carry out their activities.It also set up rules on people who were travelling and attempted tominimize the widespread of the plague.

Theplague did cause the death of nearly half of Europe. The black deathplague was by far one of the hardest hitting plagues in the medievalperiod.Deaths in Europe can be attributed to the lack of informationand panic in the country.


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