Pessimistic Of Climate Change Number

PessimisticOf Climate Change


PessimisticOf Climate Change

Accordingto my mother, therewas no air condition during the summers at a time when she was myage. Over the time, my mother says, the weather is becoming hotterand hotter in recent years and people cannot live without airconditioners in their homes. As we can see, this climate change hashad an effect on people’s lives, and in turn becoming a threathuman being’s environment. Additionally, the seal level is on therise, as well as the earth’s temperature, and in turn the qualityof air atmosphere is becoming worse day by day. All of theseconsequences are because of Climate Change. Climate change is thebiggest threat of human beings. It is therefore correct to say that,the climate is very rapid to the extent that, people are unable tocontrol it. It’s clear, that, the change is rapid and whateverpeople are doing to control isn’t not enough to arrest thetremendous negative change of the climate. According to me, am forthe idea that, the climate change is too fast and negativelyimpacting, such that it’s hard to stop it (climate change).

Climate change has partlycontributed by the emission of carbon dioxide gas (CO2)which is known to contribute to the greenhouse effect. Greenhousegases tend to be trapped in the atmosphere, preventing the heat fromthe earth’s surface to escape. Theheat energy causes the temperature of the earth to rise. The moregreenhouse gas is emitted, the more heat energy will be trapped andin turn making the earth warmer or the temperature to rise. Theoverall result of the continued temperature rise is climatic change.This increases the amount of hot day’s increase, while decreasingthe number of cold days. As the revolution continues among humanbeings revolution, their activities lead to increased production ofmethane, which is more than the required. This in turn contributes toclimate change as the dirty energy makes the atmosphere become worseor more unbearable for the people. These factors contribute toclimatic changes, and in turn contributing to a number of extremeweather conditions such as the hurricane storm, drought and waterflood. For example, the SolidDry in Mexico, whichforced about 488 million people move to another city. The solid drymakes the farming impossible and hence prevents farmers from plantingcrops, it makes them have contingency lost. There is also theHurricane AssaultColorado in NorthAmerican. This also forced people to move away from their homes andtown. So, these kind of dramatic weather affect’s people’s life.Nowadays, due to the development of the technology, people changetheir ways to live, and it causes a lot of damage to the climate,such as the high consumption of red meat and the huge amount gasesemitted from cars. Although Climate change have threatened humanbeings, people have attempted to arrest the negative changes,however, I am pessimistic of climate change, and hence view it as adifficult measure to reverse the climatic changes as they been sorapid, compared to the implementation of the measures to control thechanges.

To start with, it’s hard toquickly reduce the huge consumption of red meat which causes CO2emission. People’s living style is different from our lastgeneration things that used to be luxuries become necessities. Itmakes people have the significant increasing consumption of people,such as the consumption of red meat is one of the factors leading toclimate change. There is a data shows eating meat will cause muchmore CO2than cars’ emission (Carrington, 2014). The huge amount of grainand water needed to raise cattle make the waste of resource. If everyperson eats 100g meat per day, eat red meat will emit 2 times CO2than vegetarian orfish-eating diet. At the same time, the article indicates feed cattlerequire 28 times more land than pork and chicken (Carrington, 2014).As we can see, the eating red meat effect on the environment issignificant. As we know, much more red meat should to satisfy theconsumption of the people. However, there are some situations wecannot control. There are high demands of beef of people, and it isdifficult for people to change their eating habits. I am doing a parttime job in the USA, I find American almost American’s favoritemeat is beef. When I asked whether they want to try pork, they alwaysanswered they preferred beef. It shows almost Americans like beefthan pork and chicken. So, it is difficult for them to change theireating habits to do not eat beef. In addition, only few people knowthat eating too much red meat will cause the high emission of carbon,such as me. Then, the government always insists the livestockindustry, even there are some solutions that remove the insisting ofgovernment, but the increasing consumption is difficult forgovernment to control. It is difficult to change the eating habits ofhuman beings and it is difficult to reduce the consumption of redmeat quickly. So, I am pessimistic of the climate change, theconsumption is increasing too fast, and it is difficult to stop it.

Another point is that, it isdifficult to stop greenhouse gas emission that causes climate changehappens faster. There are 35 billion tons CO2emission every year (Climate Change101). It is amazing data, and ithas a significant effect on climate change. Although the governmentdid some actions to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas, they alsocannot control everything. In my home country, although thegovernment closes the emission dirty energy industries, there arealso some industries for their own benefiting secretly emission thedirty energy during the night. Government is difficult to supervisethem, and it is difficult to stop all of the industries emissiondirty energy. The article reports the fossil fuels production andconsumption will be eliminated by 2100 (Weathers, 2014). It will beabout 90 years later. Only in the last century to this century, theclimate change has had a significant change. The global warming hasalready increased at an accelerated rate. We cannot image what willhappen within the 90 years. The climate science studies report thegreen house gas emission is higher than ever (Weathers, 2014). Itmeans the greenhouse gas emission rapid is beyond our imagination andthere will be more bad weather. So, it is difficult to change thesituation. Therefore, I still think it is difficult to make theclimate change be slower, as it is too fast than our prediction.

In conclusion, it’s clearthat, the late on climate change is dramatic which is posing a threaton how to control it. Moreover, the climate change has had asignificant effect to the people. Despite not wanting to pessimismabout the climatic change, the factors discussed and the dataanalyzed, have given me a different idea about the same. However,although it is in a bad situation, we should have some action to makethe bad day disappear and in turn hope for some good days to come. We can do something from ourselves, or take some measures to help inthe control, such as eating less red meat. It is not only good forthe environment, but it is also good for our health. We can try ourbest to make less dirty energy emission. Protect our environment fromevery single step.