Persuasive Essay Reasons for Choosing the Western Governors University

PersuasiveEssay: Reasons for Choosing the Western Governors University

PersuasiveEssay: Reasons for Choosing the Western Governors University

Technologicaladvances have affected nearly all aspects of human life, includingthe education sector. Currently, many institutions of higher learning(such as universities) are offering online programs that allowstudents to undertake their studies without presenting themselvesphysically to the university. Although this sounds nice and somethingto be admired, the process of selecting a most appropriateinstitution to join in an online degree program is hectic. This isbecause a student would want to join an accredited intuition to beassured that the certificate attained at the end of the program willbe acceptable to employers and professional bodies. In my opinion,the Western Governors University (WGU) is the most appropriateinstitution because it allows students to undertake their onlineprograms more conveniently and at an affordable fee.

Inmy part, I grew up and studies in the United Kingdom and later servedas a nurse for a period of 12 years. The decision to finish myBachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the United States gave me anopportunity to learn more about how the online degree programs works.After reviewing different nursing programs offered by differentinstitutions, I learned two major lessons. First, most of theinstitutions offering online degree programs are after money, whichmeans that they can do all that is within their ability (includingprolonging the degree program) in order to earn more from students.Secondly, most of the institutions offer rigid programs, which meanthat their online programs are not tailored to meet the needs ofindividual students.

Aftera long time of searching, I settled on the nursing program offered byWGU. Although the WGU, which is an exclusive online university, hasmany benefits, there are four major merits of its online programsthat fascinated me. First, WGU charges a flat rate of $ 6,000 peryear for all its online programs. This flat rate, with no hiddencosts, ensures that students know the amount of money they require tofinish their degree programs. Apart from this aspect of convenience,WGU is one of the online Universities that charge the lowest fees inthe United States. This is because WGU is a non-profit institutionwhose objective is to help students advance their learning, and notto enrich itself from the student’s pocket.

Secondly,the nursing program offered by WGU is flexible compared to programsoffered by similar online institutions. For example, WGU’s BSN isoffered in a way that does not interfere with the work schedules ofstudents who are already employed. In my case, my classes areorganized and planned to fit in my time and the university does notforce me to undertake classes or assignment during my work time.Being a full time employee and a parent of a 17 month old son, theflexibility of the BSN program offered by WGU allow to fulfilling allmy duties without subjecting me into confusion. In addition, themanagement of WGU considers the past experience and academicattainments, which makes it possible for the university to awardextra credits. For an instant, the university took account of myprevious accomplishments in the field of nursing and my 12 years ofexperiences and awarded me a bonus of 55 credits. This is practicallyimpossible in other institutions that require students to undertakebetween 90 and 120 credits, irrespective of their pastaccomplishments.

Third,WGU the university allocates students with personal course mentors,who guide them throughout the course. It would be difficult toimagine how an online student would communicate with the institutionthat is far away without the help of course mentors. Course mentorsat WGU make the best use of the modern technology to keep in touchwith students in 24/7. In addition, the institution has a Facebookaccount that provides a platform for students to share theirexperiences in their respective course and the institution as awhole. This helps the online students find companions and feel thatthey are not alone.

Fourth,WGU is an accredited online university, which means that the degreecertificate issued at the end of the program is recognized and can beused to apply for jobs in different parts of the world. Thecredibility of the institutions of higher learning and their degreeprograms is one of the key issues that students must confirm beforejoining any institutions. In my case, I selected WGU because it hasCCNE and CAHIIM accreditations. This assures students that theirdegrees will be recognized by employers as well as the professionalorganizations that govern the field of nursing.

Inconclusion, WGU is one of the best institutions of higher learningthat I can recommend for students wishing to undertake online degreeprograms. The institution offers the programs at the cheapest pricecompared with other institutions. In addition, the degree programsoffered by WGU are flexible and tailored to meet the needs of eachlearner. The availability of the course mentors and the accreditationof the university confirm that WGU is the institution of choice,especially for the working students.