Performance Objectives



Accordingto Dr. Todd Curless’ lecture, performance objectives is an analysisof the things the tasks that learners should be capable to accomplish(Curless, 2009). The aim of this work is outlining relevantperformance goals for a healthcare administrator.

Behaviorperformance objective – uses verbs to describe observable behaviors

  • File the patients’ records

  • Answering phones

  • Processing patients’ payment

  • Evaluating and giving patients’ bills

  • Organize staff training seminars

  • Setting healthcare facility goals and objectives, as well as an approach to achieve them

  • Approving budget for a healthcare center

  • Solving serious customer complaints concerning services that doctors provide

  • Planning and executing physical facility management

Conditionperformance objective – describes circumstances, condition andphysical environment that students are required to perform

  • Analyze the symptoms of a disease

  • Comparing symptoms of a disease with symptoms of a list of known diseases

  • Observing patients’ response to medication

  • Preparing patients for surgery

  • Monitoring a recovering patient

  • Conducting blood tests in laboratories to establish presence of pathogens

  • Setting rules and regulations of the healthcare facility

  • Investigating genealogy history of patients suffering from chronic diseases

  • Determining possibility of conducting a successful surgery

  • Evaluating cost efficiency of medical services clients receive

  • Determining the best techniques for identifying and using appropriate treatment procedures

Criterionperformance objective – used in determining performance of alearner towards given objectives

  • Take two doses of medicine per day for a week

  • Operating patients when under anesthesia

  • Planning consultation procedures

  • Applying science and analytical information to create appropriate treatment approach

  • Evaluating and controlling radiology and lab information

  • Determining mortality annual mortality rates in the healthcare facility

  • Collecting data and analyzing it to determine customer satisfaction concerning the services offered in the organization

  • Record daily patient improvement

  • Report patients’ health improvement or deterioration after every four hours’ shift

  • Preparing patients’ mentally and physically with twenty-four before conducting traumatizing procedures such as C-section


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