Peer Review Chicago’s Fans, Inc Presentation

PeerReview: Chicago’s Fans, Inc Presentation

Peerreview: Chicago’s Fans, Inc presentation


Someof the lessons learned from the Chicago’s Fans, Inc presentationprepared by Ashley Taylor include the history of Chicago’s Fans,Inc, its product line, and the mission statement. The PetSmartpresentation prepared by Elizabeth Menard informs that PetSmartoperates in the manufacturing industry. Almanza’s presentationinforms that Johnson &amp Johnson operate in the manufacturingsector with a focus on the medical products. In addition, the threepresentations inform that the financial analysis can be done usingfinancial trends (such as changes in revenue generation for severalfinancial years) as well as financial ratios.


Taylorshould have prepared the graphical presentations of the ratioanalysis in order to enhance the quality of analysis. This is becausegraphs give the audience a chance to see the company performance at aglance. Menard’s presentation provides a high-quality analysis,which covers both the market share of PetSmart and its financialperformance. Although Almanza’s presentation covers both the ratioand revenue analysis, none of these analyses is adequatelyinterpreted to attach a meaning to it.

Taylorshould add more pictures, images, and other materials in order tomake the presentation more interesting. Menard’s presentation is ofhigh quality because it has several pictures that illustrate what thecompany does and makes it interesting to follow the presentation.Almanza’s presentation used both the revenue and ratio analysis,but the ratio analysis is inconsistent since credit ratios cover fouryears, while profitability and asset turnover ratios cover threeyears. This fails to give a comprehensive picture of the Johnson &ampJohnson’s financial performance for the whole of the intendedperiod of four years.


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