Part B Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

PartB: Short-Term and Long-Term Goals


Question1: Short-term and long-term goals


Myshort-term goal as an accounting student is to complete my graduatestudies, which will help me acquire a CPA license within the nextthree years. Once I have acquired the CPA license in the UnitedStates, my next move is to look for a temporally employmentopportunity, either as an accountant or an auditor in an establishedfirm. My primary objective of searching for a temporary employment,preferably one year, in the United States is to have an opportunitywhere I can use my knowledge as well as strengths that I haveacquired, while increasing my work experience at the same time. Thiswill give me a chance learn how companies in the United States applythe GAAP and the IFRS in their financial reporting exercise.

OnceI acquire the academic knowledge of how the U.S. firms apply the GAAPand IFRS and a one year experience in the application of the sameknowledge, I will be ready to leave for my country, China, topractice the same knowledge. Although there are many employmentopportunities for the U.S. trained accountants, I purpose to work asa part-time accountant, an employee on contract, or an intern withthe Chinese financial or an audit firm. This is part of my short-termgoal, which will help me acquire more knowledge of how the Chinesefirms are applying the IFRS and the financial reporting standardsthat are acceptable in China in reporting their financial statuses.This will be a chance to expand my work experience and increase myunderstanding of how financial reporting is done using the Chinese,as well as the international standards.


Mylong-term goal is to work in four major accounting firms beforemoving to large enterprises as a tax adviser or tax reporter. It ismy believe that the knowledge I shall have acquired from my graduateeducation and experience from the U.S. as well the China-based firmswill give me an easy time when working as a tax professional. Forexample, my knowledge of the IFRS as well as the GAAP will help meadvise multinational companies on tax transfer pricing, which willhelp them reduce the tax burden without breaking the tax laws set bydifferent countries.

Importanceof the broad MS in accounting program

Thebroad MS in accounting program will contribute towards my success inseveral ways. First, the program has important courses that willexpand my technical knowledge and skills that are required in thefield of accounting. By undertaking these courses, the program willhave prepared me for career as a tax adviser, a profession thatrequires a lot of basic knowledge of accounting. Secondly, the broadMS has a graduate school leadership program, which is comprised ofmany activities aimed at enhancing the Masters students’ leadershipskills. Therefore, the graduate leadership program will equip me withthe skills I need to lead the work teams in my future career as a taxadvisor. Third, the MS program provides a lot of opportunities forstudents to interact through group works. This is an opportunity tolearn interpersonal as well as the communication skills. These arethe basic skills that I shall require to succeed in my future careeras a professional accountant and a tax advisor. Moreover, theopportunity to work in groups will improve my capacity to work inteams, which is critical in my profession.

Myinterest in pursuing the graduate management education at this time

Althoughthere are many job openings for undergraduate students, I decided topursue my graduate education at this time, instead of searching for apermanent job for two major reasons. First, pursuing the graduatestudies at this time will help me achieve my short-term goals (suchas getting the CPA license) much easier and faster. Secondly, thegraduate education will reduce the time I need to achieve mylong-term goals. For example, the possession of a graduate educationwill increase my opportunity of getting a job as tax advisor in largecompanies. Such a job might be hard to get with just an undergraduatedegree. However, an undergraduate profession can get the job, butwith a working experience of many years. Therefore, a graduateeducation will reduce the number of years required to work as a taxadvisor.

Question2: Background and life experience

Myinternship at the Bank of China gave me an opportunity to learn howthe accounting knowledge is applied in the field. This allowed me tointeract with other members of staff and clients, which has enhancedmy interpersonal as well as communication skills. This has been amajor contribution towards my professional life as an individual. Itwill be quite easier to apply my knowledge of accounting in my futurecareer using the experience I got from the internship. In addition,the working experience I got from my personal textile shop businessimproved my communication skills, the ability to apply scientificknowledge, and bookkeeping. These are among the basic skills that Ishall need in my career as an accountant and a tax advisor. Forexample, the bookkeeping skills are the basis of the accountingprofession. Moreover, the managerial skills I acquired from apersonal business advanced my ability to manage work teams.Additionally, the opportunity I got to lead the staff at my businessis a major contribution towards my leadership skills, which might benecessary for leading the work teams. Although the opportunity I hadto work as a child care provider with Red Cross is directly relatedto the accounting professional, it imparted with the interpersonalrelationships and the desire to dedicate myself to my work.

Leveragingthe background to contribute to the Broad MS in accounting community

Mycommercial experience will help me understand the MS content muchbetter and assist fellow students in handling the difficult areas.Moreover, I purpose to engage myself research and publish my work,which will be a significant contribution to the field of accountingthe MS in accounting.