Organizational behavior Unit




Theteam was tasked with developing a plan for the company’s strategicrealignment. With flat sales and increased competition, there wasneed for the firm to rediscover its niche market and develop superiorproducts to beat competition. The team-based approach in developing anew strategic realignment plan is commendable as it is widely used bysuccessful firms. Diversity in teams oftentimes allows thinkingoutside the box and “higher quality decisions” (Hill &ampLineback 2011, p.39). The good thing is that the team comprises ofunique personalities with different abilities. However, there islittle room for tolerance in the group. Although it is clear thatmost team members are aware of Rudy’s unbecoming behavior, they arenot willing to challenge it, tolerate it or even axe him from theteam. It is clear team members can storm out of the team meeting ifthey feel offended which is not acceptable. A team should have someconsistency and an acceptable code of conduct. In this case, both aremissing.

Goingby Hill and Lineback’s (2011) four critical elements of teamculture, the team falls short on all levels. First critical elementis that team members should have designated roles linked to the maingoal. By Rudy withholding vital information, it shows clearly that hedoes not understand his role in the team and the members do not holdhim accountable. Second element is that the team should have a set ofnorms and values to guide their interactions. The current team hasnone. Members storm out of meetings after minor provocations and Rudyis eager to belittle other people’s ideas and the team itselfwithout consequences. This is not acceptable. Thirdly, a team shouldhave clear work dynamics in terms of systems and processes. This isnot evident in the team meetings. For instance, team meetings shouldstart with a recap of last meetings decisions. Fourth element is ateam should discuss progress and offer feedback. The current teamfailed in this in that Rudy’s behavior and the team’s progresswas being discussed only in the fourth meeting and not in everymeeting. Thus according to Hill and Lineback, Dan’s team is a totalfailure.


Hill,L. &amp Lineback, K. (2011). Leadership&amp Managing People.New York: Saylor.