Opinion of the Fossil-Fuel Campaign


Opinionof the Fossil-Fuel Campaign


Fossilfuel refers to organic substances such as petroleum, coal and othernatural gases that are deposited underground and used as a source ofenergy. Burning these fuels leads to the emission of greenhouse gassuch as carbon and methane that are absorbed in the atmosphere. Thegases lead to many environmental problems that are faced by manycountries today. The effects of these gases include global warming,oil spills, acid rain and air pollution among others. There havebeen numerous campaigns by student activists from over 200 collegeswho attempt to stop the use of fossil fuel. In my opinion, I thinkthe Fossil Fuel campaign will not entirely succeed. The students aredemonstrating and pleading with their colleges to stop using thesefuels. There was a similar campaign in 1980 where the strategyproposed was to limit the finances to fossil fuel manufacturingcompanies by making their stocks unattractive.

Oneof the reasons why the campaign will not be successful is becausethere is no alternative to fossil fuels. These gases are affordableby most people, and the alternative are not widely available hencesuch campaigns may last forever. These campaigns target the companiesproducing these fossil fuels. According to a report by S &amp PCapita IQ, the returns of divesting of these businesses will increaseover a given period. However, none of the organization is willing todivest due to fear of losing their finances. The fossil free campaignseems to have a lot of financial support including $ 17 billion byStanford and $ 30 billion by Harvard University. Despite the support,Fadel Gheit, who is an analyst at Oppenheimer &amp Company, believesthat the financial support is not sufficient to influence the flow ofcapital for these companies.

Theother reason I think that fossil fuel campaign will not be successfulis because these companies have been widely supported by powerfulpeople, volunteers and corporations that have vested interests inthem. One of the powerful interests is Rockefeller Family Fund thatcontributed more than $8 million to fund these companies. Everyone isresponsible and should be blamed for the continuous use of fossilfuels. Most of the businesses and institutions are willing to help ifthe fossil fuel producing companies will change.