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Withrespect to the Ferguson shooting, the CNN reported that DarrenWilson, the police officer who was involved in the shooting hadresigned from the police force. With reference to CNN, the policeofficer pointed out that his resignation was as a consequence ofsecurity concerns (Ellis, Todd and Karimi para1). Different othernewspapers around the world reported the event. This essay is goingto analyze and compare the content of reports from 3 other mediahouses. The essay will consider newspaper articles from differentcountries, thus The New York Times from the United States in America,The Independent in Britain in Europe and from the Philippine Press inPhilippine in Asia.

TheNew York Times reports that Wilson left the police force willingly soas to ease tensions among the protesting groups. He pointed out thathis resignation was to ensure the safety of other police offices andthe community at large. By resigning, he hoped that the communitywould heal (Healy and Davey para2). The Independent reportcorresponds with this report by (Healy and Davey para2). However,this is for the reason that it also explicates that the resignationis to bring peace in the community. On the contrary, this sourceargues that is not clear whether the lower the tensions and end theprotests (Usborne para4). In accordance to the Philippine Press, eventhough the resignation was out of free will, he decided to leave thepolice department for the reason that the police department hadalerted him that it had been receiving threats of violence if Wilsoncontinued disseminating his duties as a police officer to thedepartment (The Philippine Press).

Thearticle by Usborne (para5) has a blaming tone. This author points outthat even though Wilson resigned to ensure the safety of all, theauthor is not sure whether this will cool down the tensions among thepeople. Moreover, the author brings out the voices of some residentswho explicate that they were not after Wilson’s work but after thejustice of Michael Brown, the young man killed by Wilson (Usbornepara6). This author is biased and only reports negative informationdirected to Wilson, the jury and the police force. Thus, the GrandJury that was dealing with the case had been charged with a wideranging plot that entailed plans regarding assassination of ChiefJackson and Bob McCulloch, the County prosecutor in St. Louis. Thisauthor seems to be disgusted about the activities unfolding aroundthis occurrence.

Allthese sources have referred to Wilson as the white police and the boywho was short as a the black boy to explicate the racial issuessurrounding the event. Moreover, all of them use facts associatedwith the event to report the incident. Healy and Davey (para4) add tothe reasons given for resignation as yielding to the demands of theprotesters. On the other hand, The Philippine Press (para12) pointsout that the protesters were not interested in the news regarding theresignation of Wilson. The Philippine Press (para14) and Usborne(para6) echo the same words articulate out by Rev. Al Sharpton who isa civil rights activist. According to this author, the activistpointed out that they were not in need of Wilson’s job but justicefor Michael Brown.

ThePhilippine Press (para15) exhibits disgust in the system. With regardto Healy and Davey (para3), after the killing of Michael Brown, whatfollowed was unrest since August until end of November. The unrestwas somehow mitigated by the decision of the Grand Jury. On the otherhand, The Philippine Press Para17) explicates that subsequent to theshooting, Wilson went into hiding for some month. He did not make anypublic statements. He was only able to break his silence after thedelivery of the decision of the Grand Jury. Moreover, according tothis newspaper, after coming out of hiding, Wilson, while beinginterviewed by ABC News elucidated that he would not have executedsomething different with reference to the encounter with Brown.Through the explications and content about what happened as put forthby the Philippine Press further shows blame and disgust in whateverhappened. This newspaper article continues goes to explicate Wilsons’elucidation. Thus, Wilson argued that his conscience was cleanbecause he knew he did his job right. Shooting of brown was the firsttime he fired his gun for the first time. The journalist who gatheredinformation for this newspaper from Wilson asked whether the samewould have unfolded if Brown was a white and Wilson answered yes (ThePhilippine Press 17).

Ellis,Todd and Karimi (para7) also show disgust through the elucidationsgiven by Benjamin Crump. Accordingly, the police officer, Wilson, wasexpected to unsurprisingly exit because it is believed that policeexecute activities in the best interests both professionally andpersonally. The tone used in the New York Times is more relaxed. Thereporters have just explained the occurrences as they unfoldedwithout going further to defend some of their views through gatheringinformation from the people.


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