New Subject



Psychologycan be considered as one of the subjects that has a variety ofapplications. Almost every profession requires the knowledge ofpsychology for example, nursing profession requires the knowledge ofpsychology in order to understand the behavior of different patientsthat seek nursing services law profession also requires theknowledge of psychology in order to understand the behavior ofsuspects prior to associating them with a certain crime teachingprofession requires psychology knowledge in order to understand thebehavior of learners, while teaching (Rathus,2007). From these examples, it is evident that almost everyprofession requires psychology.

Forthe few weeks, the teacher should teach psychology and other studentsshould choose the subject. One of the reasons why other studentsshould go for the subject is due to its varied applications. Nomatter what every student is aspiring to become in the future, theknowledge of psychology will remain useful. In real life situations,every student will be encountered by a situation that will requirethe application of psychology. For instance, students will at onetime need the services of a nurse, a lawyer, or a counselor. Inseeking these services, the individuals involved will need to examinetheir client by asking some questions or trying to understand whethertheir client require their services. A student that has gainedpsychology knowledge will not need to ask why he/she is beinginterrogated by these individuals since he/she will have gained theunderstanding that it is important for their field in order to makethe right judgment. Therefore, it will be necessary for students tolearn the subject in order to understand the real life application ofthe subject.

Besides,psychology is important because it improves employability. Psychologyfocuses on human behavior, which is a critical aspect when seekingemployment. Thus, understanding human behavior will be a criticalaspect to the students since they will at one time seek employment.After studying psychology, they will improve their employabilitybecause they will be in a position to understand human behavior inthe workplace. In addition, students should choose psychology subjectbecause it will teach them to think critically (Rathus,2007). Most of the psychological content and techniques taught in thesubject focus on thinking critically. Critical thinking skills areimportant since they help students in viewing things in differentperspectives rather than just one perspective. These skills are alsovital in learning other subjects therefore, psychology should be thelanguage to choose.

Furthermore,students should choose the psychology subject because they will laterneed the skills in their carrier. All the careers that the studentsare undertaking will require the knowledge of psychology. Thisimplies that the students will need to have an understanding ofpsychological knowledge and its application in their career.Therefore, it will be critical for the teacher to teach psychology tothe entire class since all students need psychological skills intheir career.


Studentsshould choose psychology subject as the new subject to be taught forthe few weeks because the every student needs the skills in his/hercareer. Psychology knowledge can be applied in different professionsthat students will later land into. Besides, the teacher should teachthe subject because it improves critical thinking. Furthermore,students should be taught psychology because it improvesemployability and is applicable in real life situations.


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