New Cancer Therapies


NewCancer Therapies



Cancerand treatment cause numerous symptoms that include some of whichcannot be cured using medical therapy. As a result, people focus onnon-invasive, complementary and alternative healing therapies. Manybelieve that these treatments help them solve issues related tostress that is brought about by cancer and the treatment (AmericanCancer Society, 2012). People choose these complementary therapiesbecause they lift a patient’s spirit when they are bored. Medicalresearchers have developed different complementary therapies thathelp relieve certain cancer symptoms with little or no side effects(Yarbro et al., 2011). The healing therapies are safe and thepatients using them found them supportive. One of the complimentarytherapies is the acupuncture.

Acupuncturerefers to the technique whereby thin needles are inserted into theskin of a patient in order to treat numerous conditions. There aredifferent types of acupuncture therapy such as the use of sound wavesand electric charges (American Cancer Society, 2012). There has beenno sufficient evidence that proves the effectiveness of thistechnique, but according to medical reports, acupuncture helps treatnausea a condition that occurs after surgical anesthesia. It isbecause the method provides emotional, spiritual and psychologicalsupport to the person. Further tests were carried out to ascertainthe effectiveness of this approach and results showed that it helpedpeople stop addictive behaviors such as drug abuse and alcoholism(Yarbro et al., 2011).

Theprimary focus is on cancer treatment as well as ensuring that thegeneral whole being is not endangered. The Chinese Classical Medicineand philosophy developed a Five Element Acupuncture that helpseducate patients on the ways to live a healthy life (Cho, 2010). TheFive Element Acupuncture views the human body as a dynamic balancecomprising of five crucial forces. They include water, wood, fire,metal and earth. I would include these elements in my teaching planfor patients using the acupuncture therapy. Patients should beinformed on how the elements work harmoniously to promote goodhealth. Deficiency of one element distorts the body system leading toillness. The five elements are analyzed, and once the gap element isidentified, acupuncture technique is used to restore the part back.The primary goal is to make all the parts equal so as to promote theoverall health (Corner &amp Bailey 2009).

Imbalanceof each of the five elements gives a different feedback, for example,an associated color, sound or emotion such as anger and fear. Theseresponses are analyzed to give feedback on the body part affected(Cho, 2010). The elements changed indicate out of balance and hencerequired a change. This technique enables people to be bettermanagers of their health.


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