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Readingand writing can be regarded as crucial skills, which ought to beacquired by every student. At the college level, students should havethe ability to interpret texts through reading, as well as writecomprehensive texts that can be understood by every reader. In aclassroom setting, students use reading and writing a lot and thishelps them pass their exams and acquire academic skills that are ofgreat importance. Writing and reading can be used in other contextsapart from the classroom this is essential as it helps them gainknowledge that can be useful in life. In the past, I have usedreading in an environment outside the classroom when I had attended aseminar about how children acquire academic skills. In this paper, Iwill describe the experience and highlight the significance of theevent in my life.

Theacquisition of academic skills in children is key since it helps themlearn about how to do things in the classroom. In addition, thisprocess helps students to develop skills that will help them in lifeand aid their growth and development. I read an online article abouthow children learn the reading process. According to the article,interaction and play are essential since they determine thedevelopment of children in numerous ways. It is through interactionand play that children learn how to write, read, talk, as well aslisten. After reading the article, I came to learn that childrenlearn about phonics when they are between the age of four and nineyears. It is at this stage that children should develop the abilityto read many words with a high speed. In addition, children at thisage ought to have the ability to combine many words together and notstammer when reading.

Duringthe seminar, I came to learn about emerging literacy and what theprocess entails. From what I read in the article, emerging literacytends to begin at birth and it involves the process of understandinghow language is used. The article I read taught me that this processbegins during the early years of childhood and it helps children tolearn how oral language is used. This implies that students firstlearn about speaking and listening after which they acquire skillswriting and reading. At infancy, emerging literacy is evident since aparent may lift a child, look into the eyes of the child and speak ina soft tone to them. Although such an activity may seem spontaneousand casual at the same time, it contributes to the development oflanguage skills in children. Moreover, it makes children learn aboutconversations and the process interaction between the sender andreceiver of messages.

Anotheraspect that I learnt is that the development of language skills isclosely related to the ability of children to communicate through theuse of gestures to communicate their desires, as well as needs. Theability of children to learn since birth largely depends on what theyhave experienced since they were born. This explains why children whohave experienced language since birth are fluent speakers, readers,and writers compared to children who came to learn about language ata later date. Thus, children should be exposed to language when theyare still young as this helps them become good readers and speakers.Moreover, this contributes to good academic performance.

Thisevent was quite significant in my life since it gave me a platform tounderstand the process of language acquisition in children. Thisevent was also significant since it helped me learn that theacquisition of reading skills can take place in other contexts ratherthan the classroom. It was in this seminar that I had the opportunityto learn about language acquisition in children, something I have notlearnt in the classroom. The implication of this is that there is alot to learn in an environment outside the classroom and theacquisition of literary skills does not only take part in theclassroom. The event was also crucial since it helped me learn thatthere are many languages in the world, and that each language isunique. Words are formed from distinct phonemes, and this is why itis challenging for adults to learn words of languages, which are nottheir own.

Theevent was vital since it helped me learn the importance of play inthe acquisition of language skills by children. From the article Iread, I came to understand that children learn a lot of skills whenthey play with other children and this helps them to develop skillsof communicating amongst themselves, as well as communicating withother members of society. Through play, children develop the abilityto form smooth interactions with other children and teach other alot. Moreover, they patterns of communication that they use invarious contexts. This way, children can learn the kind of languageto use in different situations and what language is not applicable insome contexts.