My writing experience

Mywriting experience

Writing,whether for academic or casual purposes has for the better part of mylife been an uphill task epitomized by several embarrassingsituations when my writing did not meet expectations. Writing whileat both my junior and high school levels before I came to college hadsome dreaded experiences which I highly attribute to a lack of enoughpractice in writing from my English teachers. One of my mostembarrassing writing moments was when i was referred by my teacher toa student who was one grade bellow me to guide me on how to write anoutline for my term paper report as a form of punishment, since Icould not write one suitably. The fact that the teacher referred meto a junior who was conversant with what was required of the outlinemakes this count as my most embarrassing writing experience. Myinability to develop a term paper report in the required format meantthat I could not write an up to standard term paper as per therequirements which made me not confident in writing.

Aftercoming to college however, i learned how writing could be easythrough enough practise and a focus on the most essential details bymy teachers. In college, I have come to understand the organizationneeded in writing a paper, more so in academic research, and thecontent needed by knowing how to balance the information required andquoting it appropriately. I have learned the importance of peerrevision or at least to have someone else look at my writing and givefeedbacks before submitting it. This has gone a long way in boostingmy writing confidence which I now believe is among the best in ourschool. My excellence in writing has so far seen one of my piecesappear in the schools monthly magazine. Although my poem was likeonly a couple lines long, I felt really good because nothing likethat ever happened to me previously.

Goodwriting as I have come to learn since my coming to college must layemphasis on the essentials, such as, the focus in any written piece.Focus enables one to stay on the topic at hand and writing only whatone is instructed to write. Organization is another important aspectof writing whereby any reader can see that the author began hiswriting with a plan in mind and systematically developed each of hisideas. As such, a good writing must have an introduction and aconclusion that is preceded by the body of the piece of writing. It’salso important for a writer to have supporting ideas to the topic heis writing about to make the writing more comprehensive. In thiscase, support includes many aspects ranging from command of thelanguage, to voice, style, tone and detail. It’s here that thewriter discusses the topic sentence and fully develops the main ideaspresented in the piece.

Thewriter should also follow the conventions of print which entailsputting in all the things that makes written language friendly to thereader. This include aspects, such as, following the accepted rulesof punctuation, capitalization, indentation and spelling. Reading asmuch good writing by other writers as possible and internalizing thevarious structures and techniques in writing has also been one of thethings that have improved in writing since coming to college. Thehabit of reading has increased my vocabulary, improved spelling, andhelped in grasping the fact that many of the conventions of writtenlanguage are different from those of spoken language.