My Rebuttal Statement

MyRebuttal Statement

Firstit is important to respect any court ruling. Whether or not theruling out of Section 3 of DOMA has been passed into law, there isenough ground to dispute it. We cannot as a country say that we arelaw abiding when we cannot respect our courts. Besides, by mere factthat the constitution calls for equal protection tells us that no oneshould be discriminated on any basis be it sexual, gender, race,age, disability, religion or any other aspect. As such, same sexcouples need to be recognized by the law. Companies in showingsupport for equality must be in the front line to support same sexcouples especially in states that have allowed same sex marriageslike California.

Homosexualityis not an abnormal act as you are trying to argue. On religiousgrounds it may not be permissible but psychologists have proved that,there are people who are born with that natural urge to be with samesex partners. We cannot just shun this people from the society evenif we deny them their rights. We should embrace them in the societyand live harmoniously with them. One way will be to offer them thesame benefits that ‘normal’ marriages receive. Regarding thestatement that if everyone was gay the humans would be extinct in 100years, it is uncertainty. First of all, at no one time everyone willbe gay. So there is no need of preventing a few people to live theirlives just because we do not like what they do. Giving same sexcouples domestic partner benefits does not in any way mean that samesex marriages will increase. Thus, companies should be able toprovide their employees with domestic partner benefits regardless.