My Most Frightening Day or Week

MyMost Frightening Day or Week

Weekfour of training in the naval was the most challenging and I had agrueling experience. Phase one of the week remains vivid in my mind.The 5.5 days of training is a yardstick in determining theindividuals with ability to endure. For sure, it remains as hellsweek in my training.

Throughoutthe week I was in motion and had to endure all worse conditions Ihave ever imagined of talk of constant hunger, cold and wetconditions. Mud was part and parcel of training as it covered facesand uniforms. The sight of medical personnel ready for anyemergencies was a clear turnoff. I had to do with little sleep havingjust three to four hours towards the end of the week.

Loosingof weight during the training session was real. Loss of weightoccurred despite consuming nearly 7,000 calories in a day. The wordsfrom the instructor were just devastating and I did not wish to quitanytime. Throughout this grueling ordeal the instructor keptreminding us that we could Drop-On-Request.

Thecontinuous 132 hours of physical labor was tiring. Through the longdays and nights that I spent I had to depend on my colleagues toremain awake and motivated. As the training got tougher and demandingwe would occasionally pat one another on shoulder or thigh and inturn get a reassuring pat. Cheering one another as we struggle toachieve our mission was the best strategy that we employed to remainmotivated.

Goingthrough the 132 hours of training was incredible. The spirit tocontinue awakens immediately I went through the fourth week oftraining. For sure, bodies can endure and go far than the mind wouldexpect. Though a demanding week in my basic naval training but itremains the most frightening week.