My Leadership Abilities

MyLeadership Abilities

MyLeadership Abilities





January19, 2015





Dearemployer (insert employers name),

Myname is (insert sender’s name) and I am a citizen of the UnitedStates of America. I have been serving in the US navy for some timenow. I am writing you this letter because I think I am better suitedfor an administrative position as a contract negotiator and not as amanager in charge of union management operation.

Iam a cool, calm and collected individual. I am a team player, andhave the ability to listen and analyze a problem and offer solutions.I am also good in verbal communication and have the ability tocontrol my emotions. I believe these are the leadership skills thatare necessary to be a successful contract negotiator. I am also wellversed in conflict resolution skills and I believe am best suited forthis job. I have also taken some courses in conflict management whileat college and I believe this will help me in discharging my duties(Ward,2012).

Acontract negotiator is an individual who helps in the negotiation ofcontract within an organization. These contracts involve thecorporation with its employees, other corporations or even thegovernment (Vulcan, 2015). He/she plays a mediating role between twoconflicting parties who are negotiating a contract. A contractnegotiator also ensures that contracts are legally binding andprepare the necessary reports and manage all things and files to dowith contracts (Vulcan,2015).

Ibelieve that a good contract negotiator should have excellentcommunication skills, highly organized and have excellent conflictresolution skills. They should also be attentive to detail and have away of knowing how to cool down people whenever a contractnegotiation between two parties is fired up ( Selwyn&amp Eldridge).

Havinghave previously served in the army, I have learnt to pay attention todetail, as this is very crucial whenever going for a missions. Aslight mistake and your life might be in danger. We also learnt theimportance of both verbal and non-verbal communication. I have alsoundertaken some courses in law and conflict resolutions skills inmilitary academy. I believe that I have what it takes to be anexcellent conflict negotiator.

Iam an imaginative thinker and I always make sure that I plan whilehaving in mind the setbacks that may occur and having solutions forthem. I believe that nothing is impossible and if I cannot find away, I will simply make one. I am always open to take on anintellectual challenges from other smart thinkers. This has made meto have unquenchable thirst for knowledge in order to have a base ofknowledge that will help me be able to offer substantial argumentswhen challenged intellectually.

Myinterests include reading, listening to music, travelling, biking andcooking.

Ibelieve that I have what it takes to be a contract negotiator in yourfirm. I am well versed with conflict resolution skills and have abackground in the navy, which makes me pay attention to detail. Inaddition, I also have necessary verbal communication skills that areimportant in this line of job. I believe that I can enable yourcorporation win and negotiate contracts in an amicable manner withoutthe organization losing a lot. This I can achieve with the skills andknowledge I have. Kindly consider my application




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