My College Experience in Writing


MyCollege Experience in Writing

MyCollege Experience in Writing

Beforejoining college, I had mixed feelings about the college writing. Iknew that writing and communicating in English was hard, and that Iwould have a lot of trouble adjusting to college life. These ideashave changed and I now know that it is not that hard, and that itgets better with practice. I now feel that with people around mewilling to help in this I can do much more and nay wring can improvegreatly.

Idid a project on the relationship between tourism and the economy ofthe country. This project was particularly important to me as itbroadened my knowledge base. It was also an eye opener in that Irealized I had a passion for tourism matters, and this is a line thatI will follow in future. The projects also helped me to improve mywriting in that I had to go through different materials, and then putthe information down in my own words.

Infuture, I believe that my writing skills will be much better thanthey are right now. I believe that I will be able to communicateeffectively through my written work. I also plan to start writing ablog on tourism that will inform others on how tourism contributes tothe economy of different states. This has partly been informed by theproject I did on tourism and the economy particularly the phrase, “Ithink this one will remind us that the economic world we face to isreally serious.’’

Grammarwas a challenge to me in my writing experience. There are times Ifelt that I had written well only for the paper to have mistakes ingrammar. But I had the inspiration of seeing other people who hadbeen where I am today, and had succeeded to become very good writers.

Thewhole experience has not been easy, but it has been worthwhile. Thereare times I wrote a paper that I thought others could also understandonly for me to get disappointed when they said I was notcommunicating. This has greatly improved by the help of others whom Iread my papers to before submission just to get a second opinion.


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