Motivating Others




How to Proceed with the Hybara Casino Opportunity

Theopportunity offered by the Hybara Casino is a good one however, itis critical to look at different issues prior to accepting theopportunity. One of the issues that is critical prior to acceptingthe opportunity concerns the commitment of the team members infinishing the project in two weeks instead of six weeks. In order toaccept the project, it is important to talk with the team membersinvolved so as to know if they are committed to work on the projectand ensure its delivery within the time given. Accepting the projectbefore the team members commit themselves to work on the project mayend up killing their morale, a move that may affect the delivery ofthe project. In order to enhance the commitment of the team members,allowances may be given for accepting to work on the project for ashort period.

Jobsatisfaction will be another critical element that will need aconsideration. The client needs the project well done within a periodof two weeks instead of six weeks however, the job needs to satisfythe client. Therefore, it would be critical to have the clientprovide more time for the order given that the project may end upbeing done in haste due to the time frame provided. Therefore, giventhe client would require a satisfactory job, more time needs to beprovided, or more resources should be added in order to cater for thetime frame assigned. The additional resources from the client can beused in giving bonuses to the team members so as to boost theirmorale.

Onthe other hand, given that no one knows the Hybara’s team andsystems better than Allessandra, it is good to consider giving herthe contract rather than offering Kristen the opportunity becauseperformance of the team is still not well known to work underKristen. However, Allessandra should work with the company’s teamin order to help them gain experience of working with the Hybara’ssystem so that the problem may have a solution in the future, whenthe client comes back.




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