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Mobileapp is the short form of the term mobile application, which refers toa type of software that is specifically designed to run on smalldevices, including the smartphones and tablets. aredesigned in a way that they able to provide their users with similaror equivalent services to those that can be accessed using a personalcomputer (Janssen 1). The increase in the use of mobile apps is amove away from an integrated software system that is common in thePCs. However, mobile apps provide isolated and limitedfunctionalities, such as calculator, games, and browsing.

Theprocess of developing mobile apps requires computer scientists toconsider the features as well as the constraints of the mobiledevices. For example, mobile devices are dependent on batteries andhave a limited processing capacity (Air Watch Incorporation 1). Thismeans that the app developer should ensure that the apps developedare not too large of heavy to run on mobile devices. In addition, anapp developer should be informed about the wide variation in thescreen sizes of the mobile devices. Each app should be designed tofit in different hardware configurations and specifications.

Currently,there are many inexpensive mobile apps available in the market. Thestiff competition in the market has pushed the app developers todesign cheap apps and increases their available through the downloadservices (On Guard Online 3). Different companies have developedonline mobile apps from where the users of mobile devices can accessand download mobile apps of their choice. Some of the most commonmobile app stores include Amazon Appstore, App Store for AppleIncorporation, Google Play, BlackBerry World, and Nokia Store amongothers. The fact that each mobile app has a limited functionalityjustifies the existence of a large number of apps in the market.

Differentapps are designed to access different type of data in the mobiledevices. When the user downloads the app of choice, the app requirespermission to access specific types of data (such as call logs,calendar data, and internet data) in the mobile device (On GuardOnline 2). In addition, most of the mobile applications are designedto access the data that they require to function, but there are a fewof them that are able to access data that is not closely related totheir basic functions. This means that users of mobile devices shouldanalyze and understand the functionality of apps before downloadingand installing them in their mobile devices.

Thereare some mobile apps that are specifically designed for use byemployees in businesses. This category of apps is increasing at ahigh rate given the increase in the popularity of the concept of“Bring your own devices” in the contemporary businessenvironment. The mobile apps management (MAP) is a term used todescribe the services and software that are responsible forcontrolling and provisioning access to commercially available apps(Air Watch Incorporation 1). An effective management of commercialapps enables the business to transfer the required applications andcontrol access into the business setting.

Inconclusion, technological advancement has resulted in the design ofmobile apps that can be used in a small gadget, such as smartphones.These applications have both a personal as well as professionalapplications. allow people who either not afford PCs orare not close to their PCs get similar services to those that areprovided by computers. However, mobile applications are limited interms of the number of functions and the amount of data they shouldaccess from a mobile device.


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