Mitchell`s Apprentice Painting at Bloomington Gallery

Mitchell’sApprentice Painting at Bloomington Gallery

Mitchell’sApprentice Painting at Bloomington Gallery

JodyMitchell’s Apprentice is a startling painting. It is a colorlithography painted in the year 2014 and it is located at theBloomington, IN gallery. It is worthy a hundred dollars.


Mostartists usually present pictures of human beings that are welldressed and who appear to be happy. Jody’s painting presents anapprentice who appears relaxed but somehow sad. The apprentice has amixture human and animal features he has a sheep head and a humanbody. It is embalmed in a circular frame, whose inside appears brightwhile the outside appears dark (Mitchell, 2014). Both the foreheadand the face appear illuminated as though they attract all the lightwhereas the other parts of the paints plus the background are in theshadow. One ear is long and straight while the other one appearsshort and bent. Again, the right horn appears longer and thicker ascompared to the left one (Mitchell, 2014). The coat looks bright butold it has a lot of shading. His beards are extremely long sincethey extend up to the neck. The eyes appear to be sympathizing withthe audience in fact, they captured and pinned my attention as soonas I entered the gallery. They made me feel as if I needed somesympathy and pity from my friends.

Thehands are invisible undeniably no other part of the skin is visibleapart from the face. The artist may have hid the hands and the restparts of the body in order to attract the audience attention to theface. There is a high likelihood that the hands may have blocked someof the light from reaching the face (Mitchell, 2014). This is a clearindication that the artist aimed at emphasizing on the significanceof facial expression since he gave more attention to the face ascompared to the rest parts of the paintings. It appears like theapprentice is focused on the entrance of the gallery in order to geta glimpse of whoever enters the room. In fact, he appears satisfiedwith the directions that he faces and would hate it if any personinterrupted him from his thoughts.


Itis not clear why the artist used both human and animal features inhis painting. However, one may assume that the artist aimed atshowing how an individual may have both human and animalcharacteristics. Indeed, the artist’s paintings intend to capturesthe reality of life.


Mitchell,J. (2014). TheApprentice.Bloomington, IN.