1.Ford is an American international auto manufacturer. It isheadquartered at Dearborn, Michigan, in Detroit. Henry Fordestablished the Company and incorporated it in 1903. The organizationuses the Lincoln brand to make luxury cars and Ford brand to sellcommercial vehicles. The organization is a public company withUS$146.91 billion revenue and 181,000 employees according to 2013statistics. In 2010, Ford was ranked at eighth position among theFortune 500 companies.

2.The Focus on the Family boycott – AFA launched a boycott againstFord Company because it was allegedly sponsoring homosexual groupswith the aim of legalizing same-sex marriage. Don Wildmon, AFAfounder, and chair, claimed that the company’s agenda of promotingemployees’ diversity was a secret way of recognizing and enhancinghomosexual rights to the staff in the organization. The Fordmanagement also financed ‘gay pride’ parades and forced itsexecutives to attend diversity training that intends to teach them onhow to handle homosexual persons. AFA established a website, which collected signatures for organizations thatwere planning to Boycott Ford Company. Other allegations that led toFord Boycott included promoting its products in homosexualpublications, giving charity to homosexuals and making an offer togive the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation $ 1,000 eachtime the company sold either a Land Rover or Jaguar.

3.Fred Phelps – He was an American pastor and the Westboro BaptistChurch (WBC) founder. The church was an independent Baptist church.Prior to his death in 2014, he had achieved notoriety for hisprimitive and vehement anti-gay protests. He occasionally preventedchurch Christian sendoffs. He was once contested for the KansasSenatorial seat but lost. Besides, he was a disbarred Americanattorney. Phelps and his supporters repeatedly picketed differentevents such as university commencement ceremonies, military funerals,high profile political gatherings, gay pride gatherings, mainstreamChristian gatherings, and The Laramie Project performances amongother concerts that were not affiliated with him.

4.The right thing, to do, is make money for our stockholders and avoidtrouble – Elliot implied that they should focus on developing theirbusiness instead of taking up charities that might make theorganization appear as if it works in collaboration with othercompanies that promotes controversial charities. Although ISO is anoble project, the company should refrain from engaging in all formsof welfare tasks because it would involve giving out its resources,and it might get embroiled in Boycotts and other unfavorable businessenvironments

5.I miss the old days Rev Jackson being bought off by Coke – RevJackson is a vibrant American civil rights activist. He is also aBaptist minister. In both 1984 and 1988, he vied for the Democraticpresidential nomination. Besides, he was the District of Columbia’sshadow Senator between 1991 and 1984. King and other civil rightsactivists elected Jackson as one of the Southern Christian LeadershipConference (SCLC) leaders. Besides, he was accused by the blacksociety of selling them out to the Coca-Cola Company. The companyfinanced his Rainbow/PUSH Coalition organization in order to buysilence him from supporting the lawsuit African Americans had takento court accusing the Coke Company of discriminating against theblacks.

6.You know he counseled President Clinton – Rev Jackson was often amember of President Clinton’s special envoy. In 1996, Jacksonhelped Clinton to win the election and gain African Americanssupport. Furthermore, he negotiated the release of two US soldierswho were held captive during the Kosovo War and Clinton’s thepresidency. His support of Clinton’s policies strengthened hisfriendship with Clinton family to the extent that he became one ofits advisers.

7.Wasn’t it protest du jour outside that corporate headquarters? –Nike fans, led by Paul Willerton protested outside Nike’s corporateheadquarters in 2012 to push the company to stop sponsoring LanceArmstrong after the American Antidoping Agency revealed that he wasusing illegal drugs throughout his career.

8.Wasn’t it fire bombed? – Nike headquarters were destroyed usingsmoke bombs by anarchist protesters that were demanding the end forcapitalism. Besides, the immigrant activists’ protesters demandedmigration reforms that were intended to improve immigrants’ rightsand labor. The anti-capitalism campaign had occurred in both 2011 and2012 May Day respectively. Nike was one of the corporates accused ofcapitalism because it was oppressing immigrant laborers in order toincrease their business returns.

9.Teenage deaths from drinking and/or just driving are higher thanHIV/Aids deaths in the USA. – According to the Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention (CDC) (2014), 13,834 people succumbed toHIV/AIDS in 2013. On the other hand, 32,367 people perished the sameyear due to car accidents. This implies that Robert’s statistic istrue as road accidents kills more people than HIV/AIDS.

Inmy view, the facts, that the staff members uses in arguing concerningthe demerits of an organization sponsoring charity, are valid.However, the predictions are not necessarily valid becauseindividuals such as Fred Phelps and the AFA organization arranged forboycotts against businesses promoting homosexuality. The companyshould honor Mayor Dellums’ call to join the GSO initiative as theprogram specializes in establishing a green environment. It does notpromote homosexuality rights or other controversial issues thattrigger the activists’ groups to incite customers againstdisregarding their products. Furthermore, the Mayor’s charityproposal requests employees to volunteer, but does not request thecompany to contribute money. This implies that the company’sstakeholders are not involved in making the decisions whether thecompany should honor the charity call as the management would not bepledging any monetary support.


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