Medical School Admission Essay

MedicalSchool Admission Essay

Mylife revolves around the medical field in one way or the other. Ideveloped interest in working in the medical field from the differentexperiences that life has given me over the years. Throughout mylife, I have been involved with caring or providing services topeople to better or improve their lives. Although I am not a typicalstudent, I believe that I have a chance to do what I have alwayswanted to do medicine. Being admitted into the program will open anopportunity for me to serve people in a better way.

Athome, I have had an opportunity to care for my son who was born withdisability. He was in and out of hospital and I was the one who tookcare of him all this time. I was so attached to him and was interestin understanding his problem and be able to help him. I could discusswith his doctor on his treatment and I would execute everyinstruction given to see that he was comfortable. Unfortunately hepassed away. This really broke my heart, but somehow strengthened mebecause I was able to understand why he was not able to make throughhis health issues. Caring for my son provided me with the will tocare for people with special needs, and the sick in general. Throughservice, I became the vice president of an organization that dealswith individuals with special needs.

Inaddition, I work as a pharmaceutical representative. In this job amresponsible for marketing various drugs. To do this, I underwent athorough training on the various diseases and health conditions andthe relevant remedy for each of them. Through this experience, I havebeen able to understand different diseases. I would like to take adegree in medicine in order to expand my knowledge in the field. Thisway, I believe I will be able to help many people, both as a doctorand as drug marketer.

Dealingwith insurance is also another line of my day to day work. Actually,this is the main reason that has motivated me towards pursuingmedicine. In my work, I have to understand my clients’ healthstatus so as I can advise them on the right product for them.Although I have come to understand various types of illnesses throughthis work, I still feel that I need deeper understanding in the fieldof medicine. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand doctor’sreport when advising a client and this can lead to a great mismatchbetween the client’s need and the product recommended to him orher.

Withpassion to serve, taking a degree in medicine will expand myopportunities to serve humanity. I am strong willed, and with empathytowards others. This coupled with my industriousness and experiencein dealing with medical issues places me at a better position topursue this course. Besides having a strong charisma, my leadershipcapabilities are evident. I am responsible and able to take differentroles as much as I can for the sake of serving. I believe thatservice to humanity is service to God. This gives fuels my desire tocontinue pursuing knowledge necessary to enhance my responsibility inservice to humanity.