Marketing Marketing




Marketing is one of the most essential elements in every company.Marketing is the aspect that informs the clients of the company andwhat the company deals with. In other words, marketing is responsiblefor the creation of a company’s brand. When a company employs thebest marketing strategy, it is bound to come up with a successfulmarketing campaign which will give such a company a competitive edgein the marketing (Sandhya &amp Girija, 2011). Use of visuals inmarketing is one of the approaches that a company can use to create asuccessful marketing campaign. Visuals have been described as beingextremely successful as compared to other forms of communication suchas text and language (Gospe, 2010). A marketing campaign is a complexprocess that requires research of the market and the target audience.

Nellion Inc. is a company in the United States that deals with ladywear. The company has been in existent for a couple of years and itsmain target customers are the young ladies who are sensitive tofashion. The company’s slogan, Live Your Style In Us, is anextremely influential statement that is meant to attract numerouscustomers across the world. Since the company has not been existentfor many years, it is abundantly clear that it requires a seriousmarketing campaign that will market and inform the brand of thecompany to the target clients. It is evident from research that thereare numerous companies across the world that deal with women’sclothes, shoes, jewelry and make up (Sorenson, 2012). Therefore, themarketing campaign that Nellion Inc. adopts must be extremelyinformation and must create an emotional attachment between theclient and the company’s brand.

The marketing campaign that Nellion Inc. adopts, targets the youngwomen who are fashionable and are extremely sensitive to fashion andstyle. As a consequence, the marketing campaign will use visuals asthe channel through which it will communicate with the clients.Visual communication has been asserted to be an extremely effectiveway of communicating to the people. Research has indicated thatimages, as opposed to text and verbal communication are stored in thelong the memory of the brain (Sorenson, 2012). Additionally, peopleare more likely to grasp the content of an image than that of text orverbal communication. This is the reason as to why Nellion Inc. chosevisual communication as the channel through which to market itsproducts and its brand to the young and fashionable ladies across theworld.

The company’s product’s packaging such the clothes’ boxes,shoes’ boxes and the various makeup boxes will bear the logo andthe slogan of the company. The packaging of the products will bedesigned in such a way that it stands out or it is conspicuous. Thisis aimed at constantly reminding the customer of the brand she isusing. This is a visual image that will create an emotionalattachment between the client and the company’s brand.Additionally, the company will ensure that the company’s logo isembedded on its various products. For instance, the shoes and theclothes such as dresses, blouse, skirts, and the innerwear will havea label of the company’s logo and the slogan beneath it. It isabundantly clear that this is a way of ensuring that the client isaware of the brand she is having. Besides this being essential to theclient, it is abundantly clear that the logo will be visible to otherpeople such as peers and friends to the client. This is an indirectform of marketing where the company uses its already existing clientsto market its brand.

Use of visuals to market on the social media platform will beanother strategy that the company seeks to employ. It is evident thatalmost 95% of the young people are either on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and other social media platforms. As a consequence, itwould be prudent for the company to make use of the social media tomarket its brand. Images of the company’s logo and slogan must beshared across the various social media platforms. This will befollowed by the pictures of the company’s products such as theshoes, clothes and makeup. It is essential to create social groups onFacebook where the company can have members who are willing to join.Such members would be used to share the company’s message throughimages to the potential customers.

It is also prudent to have posters and television advertisementsfeaturing the company’s brands. On the posters, the company canhave celebrities wearing the company’s brands. This is will attracthuge number of clients from across and America and across the world.The association of the company’s products with celebrities will bea huge marketing opportunity for the company. Television advertscould also feature such celebrities wearing the company’s products.Other avenues through which the company can use visual communicationas a marketing tool include famous fashion magazines.

Marketing using visual communication can be extremely effective inmarketing a company’s brand (Datamonitor, 2010). However, suchvisuals are more appealing when they are accompanied by text. It is,therefore paramount for Nellion Inc. to ensure that the visualadvertisements are accompanied by text that offers brief explanationof the product.


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