Marketing Management Topic Responsibility and Faith Integration


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In today’s business world, marketing is an essentialelement. This is informed by the immense competition that existsbetween the various business fields. Marketing management is anaspect that every firm should adopt as it ensures that resources andstaff are allocated to the appropriate activities that would enhancethe commercialization of the company’s products and services(Kotler &amp Keller, 2012). Additionally, marketing management seeksto increase the customer base of the particular firm. It is alsoevident from research that marketing management can enhance the valueof a firm in the eyes of the customers. In a bid to market a companyand its products, marketing managers are faced with numerouschallenges. More often than not, the marketing team hardly meets itsgoals. Most marketing managers together with theirteams are bound to get discouraged and terrified by the failures thatthey face. It is clear that when a team sets goals and fails to meetthem, questions might be raised about their commitment to the task,as well as their skills (Kotler &amp Keller, 2012). According toJoshua 1:9, it is clear that the verse can be applied in marketingmanagement to ensure that the desired goals and results are met. Partof the verse states that, one need not be discouraged as the Lordtheir God is with them. This is a statement that every marketingmanager needs to have in mind while trying to market a firm’sproducts or services. Additionally, marketing managerfaces challenges of discouragement. It gets to the extent of givingup. Most of the time if they are not able to attain the targetsexpected of them can lead to job termination. According to Joshua 1:9, it clear that many challenges will be faced, but the key issuesare never to lose hope. Similarly, Joshua would not give up even whenfacing his enemies. Marketing managers and all themembers in the field are required to embrace leadership qualities asthey go around selling their product and services. Joshua was to be aleader as the Lord had commanded. It is stated that I command you.Trusting in God is an essential thing in life. Similarly, marketersare entitled to trust God in daily activities in the field whenselling their product and services. Ascertain customers need is vitalfor every firm similarly it is essential for them to trust in God forall their daily activities (Oswald, 2013).Marketersare equally expected to process their products or services to theesteemed customer. They are required to have set the expectedstandard to make sure the product or services get to the customers ontime. Similarly, in Joshua 1:9 God expects us to trust in him toattain our desires. Marketing has less to do with clients paying itis based on customer need and satisfaction. It is how much a customeris enjoying the product rather than how much you make from the sales.Similarly, it is from Joshua 1:9 do not be discouraged means thatirrespective of the effort you use to attain those challenges will bethere (Oswald, 2013). There are numerous peoplewho have gotten to the top of the world after their marketing venturesucceeds. They forget what made them achieve that level, and end upinterfering with the primary objective. Similarly, Joshua 1:9m theLord, your God, will be with you wherever you go suggests that theyshould not forget about God and where they have come from. Inconclusion, Joshua 1:9 is very applicable to the marketer in thebusiness or starting the industry since they will learn more (Joshua,2011).


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