Looking Backward


1. Why is this utopian novel? Give some specifics

This is a utopian novel because it first of all a fiction story thatdescribe a perfect state of social and political perfection. Theauthor of this book describes in details a nation that is orderly andsystematic where people live a better life. Edward Bellamy, theauthor of this Utopian novel, is a dreamer who imagines and envisionsa world in the year 2000 where there is no private ownership ofproperty and the world that is free from social class

One of the facts that prove this novel is utopian is the fact thatyoung men start working at the age 21 and retire at when they reach45 years old. Also, in the nation described in the novel there is nomoney the government is responsible for equal apportionment ofcredits. Additionally private enterprises willingly gave thegovernment ownership over their properties, and everyone in the stateis fulfilled and happy (Bellamy, 2000).

2. Consider the Giaca age. 1880s the time this was written, why isthis one of the most influential novel of the history?

This story was written in a period of time when people felt oppressedby the government, and a lot of inequalities was going on and thushoped to realize Bellamy Utopian vision. The reasons, why the novelwas influential, can also be credited to two facts one being the factthat critics felt that the book failed to consider the human naturein the socialist America. On the other hand, supporters of this novelfelt that it excellently presented socialism in precise and uniquemanner. The lower socioeconomic class and the agrarian society lovedthe book because it portrayed an ideal world that is desirable.


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