Loan application letter


Loanapplication letter

Loanapplication letter

PinnacleSenior Comfort Community


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January1, 2014



City,State, Zip Code

Re:A request for a $ 25 million business loan


Thepurpose of writing this letter is to request for a loan amounting to$ 25 million to start-up a living community for the senior citizensliving in Trinidad. Although it is a new business, there are highchances for this project to succeed given that the population ofsenior citizens has been increasing at a high rate and there are afew centers to address the needs of this population.

Ithas come to out attention that some senior citizens seek for servicesin foreign countries due to the scarcity of the community centersthat can offer quality services. We intend to fill this gap bystarting a comprehensive community center that will offer premium andsilver packages to senior citizens in Trinidad. We intend to acquirea reasonable market share by focusing on product differentiation andusing effective marketing strategies.

Pleasesee the business plan attached herein for our financial projectionsover the next ten years.

Pleasecontact us through the phone number 868-123-5467 in case you have anyquestion.

Thankyou for paying attention to our loan application.