Lincoln`s biography


AbrahamLincoln is a significant figure of all times and he was the sixteenthpresident of America. His life is characterized by so many humbleevents that are believed to play a vital role in his presidencywisdom and decision making. During his childhood life, Lincoln liveda humble life in a poor family house at Hodgenville and Indiana. Heremains a crucial icon in the making of American history, as well ascoming up with new undertakings that favor human life.

AbrahamLincoln was born on February twelve in the year nineteen zero eightin a log cabin at an inhospitable Kentucky backwoods. This is thehumble area that he was born in, and grew up during his youngchildhood life. After fifty years, he was nominated for the Americanpresidency where he would take over the rule of the great lands(Pascal,pg56). The people in charge of the nomination wanted to hear about hisearly childhood life and he was direct to point out in a very simplesentence. He told them that a sentence found on the Gray’s Elegycontain a full explanation of his childhood life. The sentence readsthe short and simple annals of the poor (Charnwood,pg 10).

Ingeneral, many people knew him based on this simple sentence since hewas just a simple man who grew up on a humble background. He used toexplain about his life if needed where he could be sad whilenarrating events that were sympathetic. There were many questions tothe state about those remote areas like backwoods where Abraham wasborn. People came up with many tales talking about the humble andwise young student in relation to his beginning and end. Some definedhim as a boy with giant prowess and gentleness, a boy with a humblemind and full of wisdom. There were so many positive praises aboutAbraham during his childhood life as well as his adult life towardsthe presidency (McPherson,pg28).

Thesepraises about Abraham were still the same to his family backgroundand forefathers. They had one common thing all together, lowbeginning and poor backgrounds. However, Lincoln did not haveinterest to his ancestry background since he knew he had his own lifeahead and would work out something to break that continuity. He grewup a focused boy who was not tied in his background ancestry. Hislineage can be traced back to Samuel Lincoln, who was a Norwegian andimmigrated to Massachusetts. The grandson to Samuel, who would laterbecome Abraham’s grandfather moved towards Kentucky through themountains from Virginia. He had three sons, namely Mordecai, Thomas,and Josiah. One morning after four years of settlement in Kentucky,he went to work along with his sons. A Native American happened to behunting with his team and shot at the old man (Cohn,pg7).He fell dead before his sons, and one Mordecai ran towards the houseand Josiah went towards a raised ground. They fought the enemies backand killed them.

BothMordecai and Josiah prospered, but their brother Thomas the father ofAbraham was not successful in life. Thomas decided to learn carpentryand in the process fell in love with a girl who was a niece of thecarpentry teacher. They got married and bore their first borndaughter, later, after four years, they gave birth to Abraham.Abraham’s mother died while he was eight years and he was leftunder the care of his aunt. Later, his father moved towards Ohio andnear an area in Indiana, where they settled until Abraham was twentyone years (Holzer,pg16).

Duringhis early years, he used to work with his father as well as otherneighbors. Out of his independence and early maturity, he was put incharge of the ferry boat, which contributed to his two adventures inhis early days. One voyage took him down the river to New Orleans andthe other took him to New Salem in Illinois. His father was notactive and aggressive as his brothers, instead he was a drunkard andnever encouraged his son to learn through schooling. He had notspecialized in anything and was always looking for a better farm(McPherson,pg19).

Inlater days, Abraham described about his qualities and achievementsand related them to his late mother. He appeared to be a bright andpositive man with a sense of focus despite his father being not sohelpful. Research has it that Abraham was a bright boy who grew fastduring his youthful age. By nineteen years, Abraham was more than sixfoot in length while his weight was not proportion to that height.Sometimes it was a sign of the scarcity of food during that time. Itis evident that the boy was bright and willing to change a wholebunch of things if given a chance. When he started schooling, heconcentrated on studying and not reading. This showed how deep thisyoung man had an understanding about crucial things in life(Charnwood,pg25). Abraham Lincoln’s life was and still is a unique experience of apeculiar person with focus about changing life for the better toeveryone, where he played a vital role in making America what it istoday.


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