Lifting the Curtain on the Hiring Process

Liftingthe Curtain on the Hiring Process

Needleman(2010) follows the sequence employers use when evaluating myriads ofapplications from prospective candidates. According to the author,the evaluation process is lengthy, and often involves three mainelimination stages. Human resource firms or first disqualifycandidates that do not meet basic qualifications for the job conductthe first phase. Second, candidates are interviewed through telephonecalls, and if they pass, they proceed to the last stage, which is alive interview. Depending on the number of candidates that qualifyfor the final interview stage, employers use diverse tests toevaluate their appropriateness for the respective jobs until onecandidate only remains (Needleman, 2010).

Theauthor claims that job applicants should be patient since evaluationof the applications may take long. However, qualified candidates canspeed up their job application evaluation through seeking referralfrom trusted persons to the employer such as a friend, anothermanager or even a reliable employee in the organization. Referredcandidates are given higher priority thus, their applications areevaluated quickly (Needleman, 2010).

Theauthor’s information is credible because she uses facts gathered byvarious established resource firms to support her assertion. Thisimplies that the statistics, findings and procedures described in thearticle are confirmed facts. In fact, the entire article is based onresearch, as opposed to opinion. The author has interviewed humanresource organizations’ senior staff to ensure the information isbased on empirical data (Needleman, 2010).

Themain weakness of this article is generalizing the recruitmentprocess. It mainly focuses on firms that recruit employees based ontheir academic qualifications, but does not explore the process firmsfollow when hiring charismatic employees that lack formal schooltraining. On the contrary, the author has used facts and empiricaldata gathered by various human resource firms to support herassertions (Needleman, 2010). This makes the overall quality of theinformation credible and convincing to the readers.

Aschool administrator in search of new employees should follow theauthor’s proposal of hiring a human resource firm specializing inthe recruitment process. The firm should assist the administrator toeliminate the less qualified candidates such that the employer willonly offer live interviews to a few eligible candidates. This processwould assist the professional to save both time and resources theyneed for identifying qualified candidates for the job.


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