Letter on Legislative Bill

Letteron Legislative Bill


Letteron legislative bill

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22 January 2015

The Honorable[Insert the Senator’s name]

United StatesSenate

Washington, DC20510

Dear Senator[Insert Senator’s last name]

My name is (insert name) and I am currently undertaking my studies inNursing. I am writing to you to appeal for your steadfast support forbill SB2096 i.e. an act to scrap the requisite that APRNs (AdvancedPractice Registered Nurses) must practice within concertedassociation with dentists or physician within Mississippi. Thislegislation will allow advanced nurses to practice objectivelywithout the requirement that they must collaborate with physicians inall areas. The State Boards of Nursing principally regulates thesenurses after they receive licenses as RNs to demonstrate that theyhave the capacity to undertake their roles accurately. Furthermore,advanced nurses must obtain additional education (e.g. master’s)and professional experience to ensure that they remain cognizant totheir scope of practice. The roles of advanced nurses (as accessedfrom https://www.aprn.com)means that they should aspire to specialize in their given rolesprofessionally, but also seek advice and help from other bodies. Inthis regards, the legislation will allow advanced nurses to deliver avariety of services independently.

Take awarenessthat the existing regulation has subjected advanced nurses toconstant collaboration with dentists and physicians, which haslimited their authority and independence. In fact, the legislationwill allow Mississippi to shape the nursing practice like other 22states such as Alaska, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, which allow advancednurses to treat or diagnose without general practitionerparticipation.

I request you tosupport SB2096 to ensure that advanced nurses practice independentlyand take responsibility for their actions. I appreciate yourdedicated support and help and ask that you kindly contact me withany additional questions that you may have.

Thank you foryour support, time, and considering my request.



[Name and contactinformation]