Lets talk week 2


Letstalk week 2


Greencomputing refers to the study and practice of use of resources thatthat are environmentally friendly in the business sector. Thesepractices are usually aimed at conserving the environment and shouldbe widely practiced in protecting the environment for the futuregenerations. Green computing is a strategy that is workable if onlyorganizations can put up a coherent framework that allows itsapplicability in the operations of organizations. Despite the manybuzzwords surrounding green computing, it is possible fororganizations to come u with ideas on how to apply green computing intheir ICT department. The effectiveness of the implementation of thestrategy should not be left to the management but to the entireemployees in ensuring that they understand the implications of theiractions under the green computing strategy. Therefore, greencomputing is a strategy that could work if everyone gets wellinformed about the ideas and the management of organizations createsan effective layout that will make everyone become responsible intheir operations of the organization as far as environmentalconservation is observed.

Cloudcomputing and green computing are two terms that most researcherscome along when researching on information technology. cloudcomputing is a way in enabling convenient and on-demand networkaccess to a shared pool of computer resources. Cloud computingenables organizations to share information across a network, enablingoperations become effective. This is slightly different from thedefinition of green computing. Green computing is solely associatedwith ICT practices that help conserve the environment. The purpose ofgreen computing is to ensure that the environment is conserved whilethe purpose of cloud computing is for effective storage and sharingof information. Therefore, the purposes of green computing and cloudcomputing are very different, making them different even though theyare used in ICT (Harris, 2008).


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