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My first week of basictraining in the Navy With so much enthusiasmI joined the united state navy little did I know what awaited me. Onadmission, I realized challenges were enormous the mental andphysical demanding training. Trainingcurriculum began with testing of physical fitness. This was not easyeither way with my overweight body I had to do 1000 yard swim, 70mpush up in two minute and as if not enough four miles run inthirty-one minute or less. This was just to test if I qualify toattend the school training. Candidates, who do not pass, aredisqualified. This was not an easy task for me but with effort, Imanaged to join the Academy. A lot ofprocesses were required. With heavy guarded men, who allowed myfamily just to see me at the gate, gave instructions and requiredattention. Inspection and test of the luggage if not attentive weredonated to the poor. The process required numerous hours of waitingand signing up papers and finger prints take. The day was coming toan end but no sleeping or eating until the following morning. I thought the following day would be better, but we hadto assemble at 0400 for Medical and dental checks up are done to makesure you are fit and efficient for proper training. Haircut documentissued and identity cards taken, the first week I was given a minuteto call home tell them am safe, and they send my phone at hometogether with my civilian clothes. I had to change to a militaryperson by the way I talk, walk and no joking around.

Unlike ordinary Sunday, I did not have a holiday it was a day likethe rest only got lecture on religion and few minutes to attend themass.